Blueberry Tea

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Blueberry Tea cocktail
Blueberry Tea is a bit of a misnomer, as the cocktail contains no blueberries, nor does it especially taste like blueberries. It does contain tea, however.
There are a handful of recipes floating around the internet, the following is the one that I use, which I based off the one found at the website "The Spruce Eats".
For the tea, I personally use Bigelow's Constant Comment, but any black/pekoe tea with a heavy note of spices will do. I do find the orange in the constant comment especially compliments the Grand Marnier.


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Brandy sniffer

3 Ingredients


1) Preheat a brandy snifter or your glassware of choice
2) Brew a cup of tea and let it sit to cool slightly— you want it warm but not hot!
3) Add 0.75oz of Grand Marnier and 0.75oz of Amaretto to the brandy snifter
4) Top with 4-6oz of tea
5) Stir gently
6) [optional] Garnish with an orange wheel and/or cinnamon stick
7) Enjoy!

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Blueberry Tea cocktail

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