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Mag cocktail

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Hurricane glass
Hurricane glass

6 ingredients

I am the personal creator of this drink, it was a Wednesday evening and I was staying with my girlfriend at her parents house, they are Swedish and I am English.. so in typical English fashion I wanted a drink but nothing to heavy that would inebriate me before the in laws got home so I opened up the liquor cupboard and there she was a lovely bottle of tanquery no 10 just waiting to be opened.

I struggled with the name of this cocktail as it was something I just threw together in a hurry but in the end I called it Magnusdottir, which is in fact my girlfriends last name which translates to 'daughter of magnus' her father is Icelandic, so there you have it...


Add all of these ingredients into a shaker and dry shake really hard to emulsify the egg white, then add ice to the shaker and shake again to chill the cocktail.

Then using a hawthorn strainer, strain the cocktail into your glass of choice.

To garnish just use a pipette and drop 3 drops of peychauds aromatic bitters then use a cocktail stick to create a tear drop affect.


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