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Beneath Broken Earth cocktail

Glass type

Highball glass
Highball glass

3 ingredients

This is a real treat with a subtle kick. One of the most proper ways of enjoying an aged rum (besides of sipping it neat and burning) is to set it loose with some good friends. Just choose the friends well! // Once I got this new bottle of (then still unknown to me) Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 aged rum I wondered what other components would be good enough to fit it as companions. Cointreau is always one of the first to-go ingredients in such efforts. And it did fit well, but something was missing - something to mellow down the nice, but fiery concoction. Then the blackcurrant juice went in - adding some freshness, yet giving some sweet-tart contrast.


Put some ice in the highball glass. Add the ingredients, and stir briefly. Add a maraschino cherry and serve.


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