The 1951 Martini (aka 1951 Chicago Martini)

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The 1951 Martini (aka 1951 Chicago Martini) cocktail

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In 1951, Chicago liquor dealers Otis & Lee sponsored a contest seeking variations on the standard martini (4 ounces of gin and a half-ounce of dry vermouth shaken with ice, strained and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist). The 240 entries included recipes calling for Scotch, garlic and Liebfraumilch. The winning formula specified a glass swished with Cointreau and garnished with an anchovy-stuffed olive.


Take an extremely cold martini glass and aromatise it with Cointreau. This can be done by pouring a little in the glass, swooshing it round and expelling any excess. You could also use one of those little spray bottles too. The object is to coat the glass with a film of the Orange liqueur.
In an iced tin, stir a healthy splash of vermouth to coat the cubes and dissolve any cheeky shards of ices, discard the liquid, retaining the ice. Pour in between 60 and 90 mls of Gin, I like Tanqueray, but decide for yourself. The amount of gin should reflect your thirst and the size of your vessel. Strain into the aromatised glass and adorn with an anchovy stuffed olive.
The oily film of liqueur, the funky anchovy in the olive, the dryness of the martini. Damn this drink works.


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