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Colonic Avenger cocktail

Glass type

Lowball glass
Lowball glass

7 ingredients

  • 8 count (50 ml)8 cl8 ml8 count (50 ml)8 ozBrandy
  • 4 count (25 ml)4 cl4 ml4 count (25 ml)4 ozOrange Juice
  • 1 count (5-6ml)1 cl1 ml1 count (5-6ml)1 ozGinger Ale
  • 3 bar spoons3 cl3 ml3 bar spoons3 ozAmaretto
  • Juice of half an orangeJuice of half an orangeJuice of half an orangeJuice of half an orangeJuice of half an orangeOrange
  • Dash of cinamonDash of cinamonDash of cinamonDash of cinamonDash of cinamonCinnamon
  • 1 heaped bar spoon1 cl1 ml1 heaped bar spoon1 ozDemarera Sugar


Into a lowball glass add a heaped bar spoon of demerara sugar, three bar spoons of amaretto and the rind of an orange (about 6 inches). Muddle into a paste then add freshly-squeezed orange juice. Add two ice cubes and stir four times. Add brandy and stir again. After stirring 8-10 times add two more ice cubes and two counts of brandy. Stir about ten times more, then add two counts of brandy and stir. After another ten stirs add orange juice. Stir another times, add a small sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger ale and stir until all the ingredients are mixed. Top with ice and garnish with a flamed orange peel, then serve.


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