The World’s Most Alcoholic Cocktails

Generally, cocktails tend to have a high alcohol content anyway. A traditional cocktail can be made more potent by trading a couple of the ingredients. For example, upgrading your vodka to Devil Springs will certainly put a kick in your Woo Woo. Or swapping your Bacardi for their 151 rum will certainly rev up your Mojito. But some creations are downright deadly. This list of the most alcoholic cocktails is not for the faint hearted, and drinkers should remember to sip sensibly. Chugging these too fast will result in a very early night!

Death in the Afternoon

This is a simple combination of Absinthe and champagne. Absinthe on its own is very potent at 144 proof. It was banned in America for a long time due to its hallucinogenic properties, and its potential to turn mild-mannered drinkers into angry, fighting machines. Add a few bubbles to the spirit, and its alcoholic affects are magnified.

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Jungle Juice

There is quite a lot of preparation involved in this punch. A large bowl is filled with fresh fruit, and then a whole bottle of grain alcohol is poured in and left to sit overnight. Everclear is the preferred choice of spirit as it is 190 proof, but it is banned in 13 American states. There is a less potent version available, which will still knock your socks off. Those who cannot stomach the idea of drinking it neat are allowed to add soda.

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Aunt Roberta Cocktail

There are no mixers in this drink. Not even a tiny lemon garnish. It is 100% alcohol, and very, very wicked. Made with absinthe, gin, vodka, brandy and blackberry liqueur, it is probably best to stick to just one of these on a night out.

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Zombie Cocktail

Throughout NYC there is a one drink limit per person. True to its name, people have been known to pass out before finishing their cocktail. It is made with 151 rum, white rum, gold rum, dark rum and apple brandy. It also contains a small amount of orange, pineapple and lime juice. Delicious, complicated, and zombifying.

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Irish Car Bomb

The Irish know how to drink, and this cocktail is a testament to their strong livers. A bottle of Guinness is poured into a glass, and a shot of whiskey is added to it. A shot glass full of Baileys is placed inside. The aim is to drink it quickly, before it curdles. On the outside, anyway. You know it will still curdle in your stomach!

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