The Most Exclusive Cocktails Served in Casinos in the World

12th June 2024
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When you drink a cocktail, it is an experience in itself. When you combine it with the engaging casino games, even better! Casino luxury makes gambling far more enjoyable, especially for high rollers and casual visitors who are willing to spend extra bucks to indulge into the most exclusive cocktails on offer.

The combination of enjoying gambling alongside a luxury drink in a casino is unbeatable. If you are a fan of the other type of gambling, the type that is done online, there is no reason why you couldn’t prepare a cocktail to sip on while you spin the reels or wait for your hand in poker. All you need to do is choose your favorite from the legal online casinos on the market, pick a favorite game, and start gambling with the cocktail on the side table beside you. This way, you can combine the thrill of gambling with the luxurious element found in physical casinos, all while gambling from the comfort of your own home.

Now without any further ado, let’s talk about the most exclusive cocktails served in casinos worldwide.

1. Diamonds are Forever

The Bar in Tokyo’s The Ritz-Carlton serves quite the exclusive and expensive cocktail called Diamonds are Forever. This cocktail is worth $22,600, reserved only for the high rollers and luxury gamblers. But, why is this beverage so expensive and what does it have inside?

Diamonds Are Forever is made of chilled vodka (Absolut Elyx in this case), combined with a hint of fresh lime juice. The reason why it is so expensive in Tokyo is because of the location, which spells luxury in every sense, but also because of the one-carat diamond found at the bottom of the glass when served!

Inspired by the James Bond movie of the same name, the beverage in Tokyo is served along a live band that plays the theme song by Shirley Bassey.

If you want to mirror the experience, you can always make-do a Diamonds Are Forever cocktail, without the diamond of course, and play the tune in the background while playing your favorite casino game. This is one of the simpler, classic cocktails to make at home – and it is delicious!

2. The Ono

The Ono is the beverage for the millionaires who visit casinos in Las Vegas and want to indulge in true luxury. This cocktail is worth around $10,000 at XS, Encore, so it is reserved only for the wealthy or those who have decided to splurge ‘a little’. Every purchase of The Ono comes in combination with 18-carat white gold chain with black pearls and cufflinks.

The cocktail is for two people and features champagne and custom-designed glassware, with a star ingredient being rare cognac called Remy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl. The champagne is Charles Heidsieck 1981, while the third ingredient is the syrup Sence Rose Nectar. Along with these components, The Ono also has some fresh-squeezed orange juice and some apricot puree.

3. The Winston

For a while, The Winston was the most expensive cocktail in the world according to The Guinness World Record set in 2013 at the Club 23 at the Melbourne Crown Casino. This beverage was initially made by Joel Heffernan and is worth $12,970.

What does it contain, though? The original recipe includes:

Pardon the interruption

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·       60 ml of Croizet’s Cuvee Leonie cognac from 1858

·       Liqueur Grand Marnier Quintessence

·       Liqueur Chartreuse V.E.P.

If you do some research on the ingredients, these are very expensive individually – and very hard to find. However, there is no reason why you can’t replace them with something similar at your home to make an improvised cocktail. When it’s ready, just deposit your money using your preferred payment solution, pick a favorite game, and sip while you play some blackjack.

4. Martini on the Rock

If you want to drink the Martini on the Rock at The Algonquin Hotel in New York City, you need to do two things. First, you need to give them a three-day notice to allow them to get an appointment with a jewelry designer. Secondly, you need to be prepared to pay $10,000 for the cocktail!

Martini on the Rock was created in 2005 and includes a diamond of your choice, which will be placed at the bottom of the glass.

5. Platinum Passion

If you decide to visit New York to gamble, The Platinum Passion is the most exclusive beverage in the area among many pricy cocktails. Platinum Passion was invented in 2005 and is now served at Duvet and luxurious casinos. This beverage combines passion fruit, Ruinart Champagne, honey, L’Esprit de Courvoisier, and brown sugar, and is worth around $1,500.

Wrapping Up

What do you think – which one of these cocktails would taste the best? These are the most luxurious cocktails among gambling enthusiasts in the world, and while their price is certainly reserved for the very few, they are expensive for a good reason – they taste heavenly!

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