Navigating the Magic of Champagne with Handy Apps

22nd January 2024

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Champagne, the favourite drink of many that instantly elevates any celebration, has a language of its own. From grape varieties to regions and vintages, choosing the right bottle can be pretty intimidating. But don't worry, as the world of wine and Champagne has embraced the digital age with open arms, offering a helping hand through apps.

Today, there is literally an app for everything imaginable, from live news and sports to all the latest games and streamed poker tournaments. So, is it any surprise that there are mobile apps to help us navigate the champagne world? These apps will be your discreet advisor, which will not only come in handy at the finest restaurants, but also perhaps help compliment your James Bond persona whilst enjoying an evening out playing your favourite casino games. So, grab a flute, and let’s embark on a journey into the sparkling world of Champagne.

Apps, Bubbles, and a Splash of Tech

Gone are the days of relying solely on recommendations, word of mouth, or the luck of the draw when it comes to picking the perfect bottle. Tech is ready to make your champagne selection process as smooth as possible.


The Wine-Searcher app is your digital sommelier on demand. Whenever you're standing in the aisle, surrounded by a sea of bubbly possibilities. Wine-Searcher allows you to search and compare prices for over 5.5 million wines. It's like having a price-checker and information guru in your pocket. From grape variety to origin and price history, this app lets you know all there is to know about the bottle, helping you make an informed decision.


You point your smartphone at a wine bottle, and like magic, Vivino scans it, unveiling a world of information. Vivino allows you to read others' tasting notes, offers food pairing suggestions, and even lets you order your favourite bottle right from your phone.

Living Wine Labels

For those who want a dash of technology and a sprinkle of magic, there's Living Wine Labels. If your bottle is AR-enabled, Living Wine Labels breathes life into the label, narrating the wine's backstory in a motion picture. This app transforms your sipping soirée into a captivating tale, proving that sometimes, the label is a story waiting to unfold.

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Delectable Delights

Delectable follows in the footsteps of Vivino, letting you scan labels and unravel all the wine details you may want to know. But it doesn't stop there. Delectable goes the extra mile, allowing you to track and analyse every sip you've ever savoured. It’s a virtual diary that notes your preferences to later suggest wines and champagnes tailored to your taste buds.

Conclusion: Sip, Scan, Savour – Your Champagne Odyssey

And there you have it, a tour through the digital vineyards of champagne apps. From price comparison to label recognition and augmented reality storytelling, these apps are your companions in the world of sparkling wines. Choosing the right Champagne doesn't have to be a guessing game – let technology be your guide.

Next time you're faced with a wall of champagne options, armed with these apps, you'll easily be navigating the bubbly seas. The world of wine and Champagne is evolving, and these apps are your ticket to staying ahead of the curve. So, here's to making informed choices, raising your glass with confidence, and letting the bubbles tickle your taste buds.

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