Best Drinks to Order at a Casino in New Zealand

18th January 2024

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A tasty cocktail has always been an integral part of casinos. Gambling is not only about spinning the reel in slot machines or competing for a cash prize at the poker table but rather a whole culture. Casinos are usually associated with luxury, and their fantastic ambience is often complemented by a tasty drink. 

Currently, this entertainment is more widespread than ever due to the high accessibility of land-based and online gaming establishments in New Zealand and beyond. Tasty cocktails and fun never end in these places, so let’s explore everything casinos offer.

How to Get Free Complimentary Casino Drinks Making a Small Deposit

Despite the rising popularity of online gaming platforms, land-based casinos never lose their demand from risk hunters. Majestic establishments attract visitors with high-class service, unique atmospheres, and fantastic game collections. Moreover, players can enjoy 5-star restaurants and many bars with authentic drinks. 

Many gambling venues provide free drinks to their visitors, and getting one is pretty simple. Usually, players who started gambling with 5$ deposits are offered complimentary drinks. While they are playing their favourite slots and games a bartender brings them the chosen cocktails – and they don’t have to pay! 

Remember that the availability of free drinks depends on the casino’s policy, so check everything in advance and pick the best destinations for maximum fun.

Hardly anyone can refuse a casino’s free drinks, but what to choose from such a variety? As a rule, gaming establishments have huge menus with numerous cocktails. Classic cocktails such as dry Martini, fresh Piña Colada, or just a beer bottle? Of course, everything depends on the players’ preferences. 

It’s time to see the most popular drinks served in land-based casinos; they create an authentic spirit and are indispensable in such places.

Signature Cocktails and Crafty Concoctions

Are you in the mood to brighten your pastime with a special mix? In this case, some exclusive casino drinks are the best choice! Dry Martini is a timeless classic: gin, vermouth, and orange bitter form the unforgettable taste perfect for true spirits connoisseurs. 

This cocktail was introduced during the Prohibition Era in the US, as the vermouth’s sweetness aimed to mix the bitterness of hand-made gin. The Dry Martini has different modern variations, but its initial recipe remains on the top list among casino visitors.  

Piña Colada is also among the best casino drinks players often choose. Its fresh and creamy taste brings a person to the picturesque beaches of Puerto Rico, the motherland of this cocktail. This summer mixture contains rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and lots of ice. 

The spirit will definitely boost your gambling experience, so don’t hesitate to deposit $5 and get some free drinks in a casino!

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Local Craft Spirits

New Zealand boasts locally manufactured craft spirits – visitors can enjoy the finest wines, craft beer, high-quality whiskey, and many more. Of course, bartenders often prefer regional ingredients when creating cocktails. So, what are the must-try drinks in the best NZ casinos? Start with apple cider – you wouldn’t like to taste it in other countries! 

Mulled cider is among the most popular cocktails among locals; even though it might seem a bit weird, don’t hesitate to try this fantastic drink. Speight’s Beer is another business card of New Zealand – and it’s incredibly widespread among gambling and betting lovers. What can be better than following the anticipated match with a tasty drink? 

The brand was established in 1876 in Dunedin, the city that became famous due to the huge eponymous casino. Of course, you will find the renowned Speight’s Beer there. Spin the reel and enjoy its authentic flavour!

Champagne and Sparkling Wines

France is usually considered the motherland of champagne, but dismissing New Zealand is a bad idea. The country doesn’t have a massive production of sparkling wines, making the drink even more desired among real fans. 

Champagne has been traditionally served in casinos for decades, as this drink is associated with fun and celebrations. Many local and foreign drinks are served in gambling establishments, so take a glass of Prosecco and enjoy your casino experience.

Local Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While many cannot imagine their gambling experience without a strong drink, while others completely avoid alcohol to keep a sober mind. Luckily, New Zealand casinos offer amazing mocktails and other soft drinks to enjoy their amazing taste when sitting at the poker table. Lemon & Paerola is one of the most popular beverages. 

It’s simpler than you can imagine: some fresh lemon juice mixed with natural mineral water. That’s all! Kiwis would also prefer ginger ale when playing in casinos. Even though it’s initially a British drink, the impact of this country is evident in New Zealand. Ginger ale brings lightness and is a perfect alternative to alcohol. 

Keeping a sober mind when playing slot machines and table games is the strategy many players use.

Final Insight

Gambling has been for centuries interconnected with delicious cocktails, and modern land-based casinos are no exception. Lots of gaming halls in New Zealand and worldwide offer free cocktails to their visitors, and a minimum deposit is enough to take advantage of this option. But don’t forget that usually, gambling venues require a particular dress code, so check everything in advance. 

So, explore the casino drinks menu, taste the classic Dry Martini or enjoy the sweetness of Piña Colada, and make your time with slots and games even more impressive!

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