Cocktails for Vehicle Enthusiasts

8th January 2024

Are you crazy about transport? Potty about getting from A to B? If you are regularly in
charge of driving any kind of vehicle, then you probably should lay off the
cocktails. However, if you know you’ve got nowhere to go tomorrow, then you can
indulge in one of these delicious transportation-themed cocktails!

Blue Train

Ideal for the trainspotters amongst us, Blue Train is a creamy blue concoction that pairs perfectly with your love for unusual trains. Made of Amarula Cream, Blue Bols,
and whipped cream, this rich beverage is actually intended to be enjoyed as a
shot. Drink too many and you’ll be seeing blue trains everywhere!


Anybody who loves motorbikes and cocktails will enjoy this classic combination. Made up of
a large swig of cognac, mixed with triple sec and lemon juice, this is a firm
favourite amongst mixologists for good reason. It’s bloody delicious! And if
you are always the passenger, you can enjoy it anytime!


For some, aeroplanes bring the thrills. If flying is your transport method of choice, then you’ll want to wind down with a cocktail that reflects your passion.
Aviation is a great option. This tasty drink blends gin and Crème de Violette
with lemon juice and Maraschino cherry liqueur for a fruity mixture that will
leave your head in the clouds. Carefully garnish with a Maraschino cherry
balanced on top of the glass to look like it is flying.


Aviation is great for lovers of modern-day aircraft, but if your interests are more historical, a B52 shot might be more up your runway! This clever drink requires some scientific layering for the best aesthetic. With coffee liqueur on the bottom, Bailey’s Irish Cream in the middle, and Grand Marnier on top, this is a fun throwback to one of the most famous planes in war missions around the world.

Ferrari Jack

You can’t think of fast cars without thinking of Ferrari, making this a great drink to enjoy as you watch the Grand Prix or any other motor racing event. This cocktail is easy to make, simply consisting of Jack Daniel’s, Amaretto, and cola in a rocks glass over ice. So you can make it quickly, while your favourite racer makes a pit stop, and be back in front of the action in no time!

Who knew there were so many cocktails inspired by our need to get around? Whatever your
favourite vehicle is, there is a drink to match.

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Bartender's top tip

Choose the perfect glass. The shape, size and design of a glass adds to the experience of the curated cocktail. Invest in a few key pieces of glassware, with a design that matches your style.

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