Cocktails Straight from Hogwarts

8th January 2024

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When the nights start to close in and with Halloween just behind us, there is nothing I like to do more than cuddle up with a box of chocolates, a delicious cocktail and a good film. Harry Potter has been the franchise of choice lately, so here are some drinks straight from the wizarding world. Don't worry, no wands, cauldrons or magic spells are necessary to make them.


Of course, you can't mention Harry Potter-themed drinks without including his favourite tipple! Butterbeer is what ever wizard worth their invisibility cloak drinks, and it makes a fantastic cocktail for us muggles too! Butterscotch schnapps is combined with cream, sugar syrup, vanilla, cream soda and egg whites for a thick and frothy concoction.

Unicorn Blood

Unicorn blood might be a drink reserved for dementers, but this cocktail version is free from any mystical animal fluids, making it ideal for muggles! Made up of coconut rum, silver tequila and cherry liqueur, with lemonade, grenadine and a touch of cake glitter, this is a drink that looks amazing and tastes just as good!

Witches Brew

Real witches have vodka and schnapps in their tea cup! You won't find any mention of this in any of JK Rowlings books, but we know its true! Professor McGonagall definitely enjoys a cup of witches brew after a day of teaching teenagers! This version combines the two spirits with blue curacao, tropical juice and cherry coke for a drink that is sweet and magical!

Polyjuice Potion

In the story, Polyjuice Potion turns you into the being that you wish to become. While the straight, non-magical version might not have the same powers, it certainly does taste fantastic! It is a great drink for making into a punch and is very easy to make, with vodka, lemonade, green food colouring and lumps of lemon sherbet!


Not recommended for those who don't have hollow legs, Firewhiskey is a potent concoction, as the name suggest! Harry has his first taste of the super-strong mix after the death of Professor Moody. It is made up of whiskey, 151 rum and cinnamon schnapps and is guaranteed to make you breathe fire like a dragon!

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Every Harry Potter fan should try at least one of these cocktail to prove their loyalty to their wizardly hero. None of our drinks will give you magical powers, but they are sure to make you feel a little supernatural after you have downed a few!

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