Let There Be Fireworks When You Drink!

8th January 2024

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The temperature has dramatically dropped here in the South-East of England this past fortnight, but we're not sad! Cold weather means it is time for the season of fun! With Halloween out of the way, it is time to think of Bonfire Night!
With this in mind, we have made a list of our favourite cocktails inspired by fireworks, sparklers and big bonfires!

Bonfire Boulevardier

This potent blend of whiskey, Campari and sweet Vermouth is sure to warm you up quite quickly in the cold, wet weather! Light a little fire in your stomach so that you can watch your fireworks display without shivering!

Hot Toddy

With a change in weather, comes the inevitable cold and flu season, but the Hot Toddy has traditionally been made to soothe sore throats and ease congestion. This makes it the perfect cocktail for your bonfire party guests who are reluctant to stand outside. Get them feeling in the festive spirit with this combination of whiskey, lemon juice, honey, sugar syrup, cloves and hot water!

Sweet Standard Sparkler

The kids love a sparkler on fireworks night, but this one is just for the grown-ups! A delicious mix of vodka, honey and ginger, this is one to drink indoors, allowing the alcohol to warm you up before stepping outside!

Rocket Fuel

A nod to everyone's favourite noisy firework, Rocket Fuel is a quick shot, intended to get the party started! With equal measures of gin and sambucas, you don't want to drink too many of these or you'll miss the display!

Dog's Nose

It is recommended that all pets should be shut indoors when fireworks displays are taking place, so you'll just have to console yourself with this cocktail instead! Made up of Guinness and gin, this warming cocktail is not for those who cannot handle their alcohol!

Flaming Zombie

If you have partaken in the tradition of creating a guy to throw on the bonfire, you might enjoy this cocktail, especially if you've dressed it up in your old Halloween outfit! This cocktail will add a little drama to the party, especially when you've lit the over proof rum. Don't forget to blow it out before drinking!


Of course, if you would prefer to serve hot mulled wine or cider, your guests will appreciate the opportunity to warm your hands, as well as your stomach. However, we think these drinks are a unique and delicious choice for your Bonfire Party.

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