The Most Influential Cocktail Instagrammers of 2018

8th January 2024

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If you’ve browsed the Make Me a Cocktail site from top to bottom and still have not had your fill of cocktail inspiration, head to Instagram, where the very best bartenders in the industry delight in showing off their latest ideas.

Chad Coombs (@coqtale)

A quick glance a Chad’s page and you will be overwhelmed by superbly elegant images of cocktails, both classic and modern, alongside beautiful cats that just love a drink! The manager of Saskatoon bar in Canada has plenty of cocktail tricks up his sleeve, all of which are sure to leave you purring for more.

Prairie Rose (@bitbyafox)

The animal theme continues with our next Instagrammer – the winner of Saveur’s best cocktail blog 2014, Prairie Rose continues to wow with her alcoholic concoctions. Clearly enjoying her work, her profile offers recipes, trends and lots and lots of pictures of the pretty cocktails she finds on her travels.

Stacie Grissom (@gardencocktails)

A New Yorker with a balcony dedicated to her cocktail art, this Instagram profile is full of herbs and flowers as well as stunning alcoholic drinks. Every post features some sort of greenery in it – her cocktails are almost healthy, which is sure to please those that love to feel good! She was a finalist in Saveur’s drinks blog competition last year and looks likely to do well in 2018 too! Watch this space!

Beautiful Booze Cocktails (@beautifulbooze)

Travelling the world in search of the finest cocktails, Natalie Migliarini’s Instagram page is suitably bright and colourful, featuring images sure to make your mouth water! Looking for some creative cocktail ideas? Head to her page now!

PUNCH (@punch_drink)

A brand that is all about the journalistic narrative, you can expect to learn a lot about the art of cocktail making via this Instagrammer. The photography is on-point too, creating a real feast for the eyes as you scroll their profile.

Make Me A Cocktail (@makemeacocktail)

We couldn’t write a list of Instagrammers without including ourselves, could we?! Seriously though – if you like what you see on our website, you’ll love the content we’re churning out on social media! Make sure to stop by and like a few of our posts – particularly if you’ve made any of the drinks we’ve mentioned, since we’d love to see your concoctions!

A lazy Sunday afternoon is easily whiled away on our favourite photo-sharing site. Just make sure you’re sipping while you’re scrolling!

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Bartender's top tip

Like cooking, making cocktails is a culinary art that benefits from tasting and adjusting. Before serving, taste your cocktail with a straw or spoon and adjust if necessary. Maybe it needs a touch more sweetness, a bit more acidity to brighten it up, or a dilution adjustment. Personalize each drink to your liking, and don't be afraid to stray from the recipe to create something that suits your taste perfectly.

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