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8th January 2024

During the cold winter months of 2010 Make me a Cocktail was first envisioned and work began on some small scripts to take your cupboard contents to cocktail glass. By March 2011 Nick Wilkins (the creator of MMAC) built a website which essentially took that script and turned it into a website that the public could use.
As the site grew and tweaks were made the original code base began creaking at the seams, responsive web design were words that were being flung around and the site needed an overhaul to cater for the ongoing demands of the users. Work began in earnest during the early months of 2012, and by the summer MMAC v2 was born. Partially responsive with a complete overhaul of the code base, front end scripts and account section the new site was slick, fast, responsive and had a host of new features. As the site settled into its foundations the user base grew and new functionality was requested.

Just over a year later MMAC v2.5 was worked on, where over 100 new additions to the site were implemented, fixed and tweaked to turn the website into what you see today.

However, never happy sitting on our laurels and with technology moving at such a fast pace, we've decided to begin work on MMAC v3. We're going to be moving over to a new technological back end, a new code base, a completely re-written front end and a host of new features, options and fixes. Its going to be a mammoth task as we want to make the site as slick and easy to use as possible while adding in new features and not overcrowding the interface, but its a challenge that we gladly relish in an attempt to create and perfect the best possible cocktail resource on the web.

And thats where you can come in and can have your say. We'd love to hear from you so you can let us know a new feature you want, what annoys you on the site, what do you find complicated that should be easy and anything else that you want to see (or removed) in the new version. This is your chance to help build the next great website for cocktails, so come on in a let us know.

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