Show me a recipe with banana liqueur and cherry liqueur.

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If you're looking for a delightful cocktail that combines the tropical sweetness of banana liqueur and the deep tartness of cherry liqueur, the "Sec My Cherry" might be just the perfect choice for you. This cocktail brings together a vibrant mix of triple sec, white rum, lemonade, grenadine, and of course, cherry liqueur, presenting a well-balanced flavor profile. It's cold, alcoholic, and shaken—not stirred—making it both a refreshing and sophisticated option.

The interplay between the citrusy undertones of triple sec and the robust spirit of white rum forms a solid base, while the cherry liqueur and grenadine introduce a fruity complexity that is perfectly complemented by the fizzy tang of lemonade. Served in a classic cocktail glass, this drink is visually appealing with its bold color and promises a playful yet elegant taste experience. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply want to enjoy a refined yet fun cocktail, "Sec My Cherry" stands out as a fantastic choice.

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Banana liqueur and cherry liqueur

You asked: Banana and cherry liqueur cocktail recipes. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Banana Margarita

The Banana Margarita is a tropical twist on the classic Margarita cocktail, skillfully combining the unmistakable earthy flavors of tequila...

Triple Sec (15ml), Lemon Juice (20ml), Tequila (30ml), Banana (Quarter ), Creme De Banane (30ml), Sugar (Teaspoon), Lemon (Wedge )

7 ingredients
4.35 / 5

Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom cocktail is a vibrant and refreshing concoction that combines the sweet, fruity allure of cherry brandy with...

Triple Sec (15ml), Lemon Juice (30ml), Cherry Brandy (30ml), Sugar (Teaspoon)

4 ingredients
4.35 / 5

Banana Calling

Banana Calling is a vibrant and flavorful cocktail that combines the nutty depth of dry sherry with the bright acidity...

Sherry (Dry) (10ml), Lemon Juice (25ml), Banana liqueur (12.5ml), Dry gin (30ml), Sugar Syrup (10ml)

5 ingredients
4.3 / 5

Sec My Cherry

The "Sec My Cherry" cocktail is a vibrant and fruity mix that combines the zesty sweetness of triple sec with...

Triple Sec (15ml), White rum (45ml), Lemonade (Top up), Grenadine (15ml), Cherry liqueur (30ml)

5 ingredients
3.94 / 5

Baileys Banana

Baileys Banana is a creamy and indulgent cocktail that is perfect for those who enjoy a touch of sweetness in...

Bailey's (30ml), Milk (90ml), Banana liqueur (15ml), Cream (90ml), Banana (Half )

5 ingredients
3.84 / 5

Lick My Banana

Lick My Banana is a whimsical and tropical-themed cocktail that combines the sweet and nutty flavor of amaretto with the...

Lemon-Lime soda (30ml), Amaretto (15ml), Banana liqueur (15ml)

3 ingredients
3.82 / 5

Chocolate Banana Martini

The Chocolate Banana Martini is a decadent and indulgent cocktail that combines the smooth and creamy flavors of chocolate and...

Vodka (60ml), Banana liqueur (30ml), Coffee liqueur (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.78 / 5

Banana Split

The Banana Split cocktail is a delicious and creamy drink that combines the flavors of a classic dessert with the...

Bailey's (60ml), Milk (Dash), Creme De Banane (60ml), Tequila (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.74 / 5

Cheeky Cherry

The Cheeky Cherry cocktail is a playful and bold mixed drink, embodying a balance of sweet and citrus flavors with...

Vodka (90ml), Cointreau (60ml), Cola (280ml), Lemon (3 slices), Cherry Brandy (90ml), Maraschino Cherry (6), Sugar (Tablespoon)

7 ingredients
3.72 / 5

Lose Your Cherry

The "Lose Your Cherry" cocktail is a sweet and indulgent concoction that combines the rich, fruity depth of cherry brandy...

Cherry Brandy (90ml), Vanilla Ice Cream (Scoop)

2 ingredients
3.67 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What fruits pair well with banana liqueur in cocktails?

Fruits such as cherries, strawberries, and citrus fruits like lemon and lime blend beautifully with banana liqueur, creating a sweet and vibrant flavor profile.

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Can you mix banana liqueur with cherry liqueur?

Yes, combining banana liqueur with cherry liqueur results in a deliciously tropical and slightly tart drink, often complemented by additional citrus or sweet components.

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What type of glass should I use for banana and cherry liqueur cocktails?

Cocktails using banana and cherry liqueur are typically served in a cocktail glass, which helps showcase their vibrant colors and enhances the drinking experience.

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Is it necessary to shake or stir cocktails with banana liqueur and cherry liqueur?

Most cocktails with banana liqueur and cherry liqueur, like the 'Sec My Cherry,' are best shaken. Shaking helps blend the flavors and chill the drink evenly.

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What garnishes go well with banana and cherry liqueur cocktails?

Common garnishes include fresh fruit slices like banana or cherry, citrus wedges, or even a maraschino cherry for an added touch of color and flavor.

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