What drinks use aloe juice?

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I have found some cocktails that contain aloe juice. Here are the options ranked by their ratings: 1. Cocktail with a rating of 3.91/5 2. Cocktail with a rating of 3.62/5
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Aloe juice

You asked: Which cocktails use aloe juice?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Green tea gimlet

Invented by Greg Henry and featured in his book Savoury Cocktails.

Lime juice (30ml), Gin (60ml), Lemon syrup (15ml), Green tea (Few bags)

4 ingredients
4.7 / 5

Cactus Juice

Tropical cocktail from the Midori website.

Vodka (30ml), Pineapple Juice (90ml), Melon liqueur (30ml), Soda water (Dash ), Coconut rum (30ml)

5 ingredients
3.99 / 5

Tropical Iced Tea

The Tropical Iced Tea is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that blends the sweetness of triple sec, the unique melon...

Triple Sec (30ml), Melon liqueur (30ml), Coconut rum (30ml), Iced tea (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.93 / 5

Hulk Juice

The Hulk transforms from a man to a green beast. Well, when Red Bull is added watch the transformation that...

Vodka (15ml), Gin (15ml), Tequila (15ml), Energy drink (Top up), Blue Curaçao (15ml)

5 ingredients
3.91 / 5

Tropical Cooler

The Tropical Cooler is a non-alcoholic beverage that offers a refreshing escape to a sunny paradise with its blend of...

Pineapple Juice (Dash), Orange juice (Dash), Lemon Juice (Dash), Grenadine (30ml), Grapefruit Juice (Dash)

5 ingredients
3.79 / 5

Apple Iced Tea

The Apple Iced Tea is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that blends the crisp flavors of apple with the tangy...

Vodka (15ml), White rum (15ml), Gin (15ml), Lemon-Lime soda (Top up), Apple Juice (45ml), Apple schnapps (15ml)

6 ingredients
3.75 / 5

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is a vibrant and fruity cocktail known for its bold and varied mix of flavors. It typically combines...

Vodka (30ml), Lime juice (22.5ml), Pineapple Juice (30ml), Triple Sec (15ml), Orange juice (30ml), Cranberry Juice (30ml), White rum (30ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml)

8 ingredients
3.75 / 5

Apple Juice Surprise

Apple Juice Surprise is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that packs a surprising punch. The combination of vodka, lime juice,...

Vodka (30ml), Lime juice (60ml), Lemonade (150ml), Apple Juice (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.68 / 5

Tropical Long Island Ice Tea

The Tropical Long Island Ice Tea is a summery twist on the classic Long Island Ice Tea, known for its...

Coconut rum (15ml), Lime juice (15ml), Gin (15ml), Lemonade (Top Up), Sugar Syrup (15ml), Lemon liqueur (15ml), Vanilla vodka (15ml), Tequila (15ml), Blue Curaçao (15ml)

9 ingredients
3.62 / 5

Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer cocktail is a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage that blends the tangy-sweet taste of lemonade with the robust, soothing...

Lemonade (150ml), Iced tea (150ml)

2 ingredients
3.5 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What cocktails can be made with aloe juice?

A number of cocktails can incorporate aloe juice, offering a refreshing twist to your drink. Many of these cocktails mix aloe juice with various spirits like vodka, rum, and gin, along with other fruit juices and mixers.

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Is aloe juice commonly used in cocktails?

Yes, aloe juice is becoming increasingly popular in cocktails due to its health benefits and unique, refreshing flavor. It pairs well with a variety of spirits and other ingredients.

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What are the health benefits of aloe juice in cocktails?

Aloe juice is known for its hydrating properties and can support digestion and skin health. Including it in cocktails not only adds a distinctive taste but can also offer these benefits.

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How does aloe juice affect the flavor profile of a cocktail?

Aloe juice adds a subtle, slightly sweet and tart flavor to cocktails. It’s refreshing and pairs well with citrus and tropical fruits, enhancing the overall taste experience.

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Can I make non-alcoholic drinks with aloe juice?

Yes, aloe juice is a great ingredient for non-alcoholic beverages. It can be mixed with other fruit juices, sparkling water, or used as a base for mocktails.

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