What cocktails can we make with the following ingredients in stock: Galliano amaretto, Galliano vanilla, Cinzano, Campari, cognac, gin, whiskey, Baileys, chartreuse, Dubonnet, brandy, Cointreau, cherry liqueur, Frangelico, grenadine, Drambuie, red wine, white wine, Prosecco, ginger beer, beer, and Chambord?

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Based on the ingredients you have in stock, I recommend making a cocktail with whiskey. We have a few options that include whiskey, such as cocktails with ginger beer as an ingredient, or you might also enjoy a whiskey cocktail with a touch of lemon or ginger. Let me know if you'd like more details on any specific cocktail option!
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You asked: What whiskey cocktails can I make with my ingredients?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Whisky Mac

The Whisky Mac, also known as the Whiskey Macdonald, is a classic cocktail with a warming and spicy flavour profile...

Ginger wine (45ml), Whiskey (45ml)

2 ingredients
4.73 / 5

Witches’ Brew

Witches’ Brew is a bewitching cocktail that packs a punch of flavor and mystery. This concoction is made with a...

Vodka (60ml), Peach Schnapps (30ml), Blue Curaçao (30ml), Tropical Juice (Top up)

4 ingredients
4.5 / 5

Bourbon Highball

The Bourbon Highball is a classic cocktail that packs a punch with its simple yet refreshing combination of whiskey and...

Whiskey (30ml), Ginger Ale (Top up)

2 ingredients
3.98 / 5

Whisky Punch

The Whisky Punch is a classic cocktail that combines the boldness of whiskey with the sweetness and tang of lemonade,...

Lemonade (1000ml), Whiskey (750ml), Honey syrup (60ml), Soda water (1000ml)

4 ingredients
3.96 / 5

Jack And Ginger

The Jack and Ginger cocktail is a simple, yet refreshing mix that marries the bold, oaky flavors of whiskey with...

Ginger Ale (150ml), Whiskey (60ml)

2 ingredients
3.89 / 5

Brandy Cooler

The Brandy Cooler is a refreshing and simple cocktail that perfectly balances the rich and smooth flavors of brandy with...

Brandy (30ml), Lemon (15ml), Ginger Ale (Top up), Sugar (Teaspoon)

4 ingredients
3.82 / 5

Whisky lemonade

The Whisky Lemonade is a refreshing cocktail that blends the warmth of whisky with the bright acidity of lemon juice,...

Lemon Juice (45ml), Whiskey (30ml), Honey liqueur (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.71 / 5

Ginger Spice

The Ginger Spice cocktail is a robust and aromatic blend that marries the creamy sweetness of Baileys Irish Cream with...

Bailey's (30ml), Vodka (60ml), Ginger wine (500ml)

3 ingredients
3.68 / 5

Jerry & Ginger

The Jerry & Ginger cocktail is a simple yet refreshing blend that marries the warm, complex notes of spiced rum...

Ginger Ale (Top Up), Lime (2 wedges), Spiced rum (30ml)

3 ingredients
3.66 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What are some common mixers that go well with whiskey?

Common mixers for whiskey include ginger ale, soda water, lemonade, and various fruit juices like apple or cranberry juice. These mixers help enhance the flavor of the whiskey while balancing its strong taste.

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How can I make a simple whiskey cocktail at home?

A simple whiskey cocktail can be made by mixing whiskey with soda water or ginger ale and garnishing with a slice of lemon or lime. You can also add a touch of honey or syrup for added sweetness.

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What food pairs well with whiskey cocktails?

Whiskey cocktails pair well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, charcuterie boards, cheeses, nuts, and dark chocolate. The rich flavors of whiskey complement these foods nicely.

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What types of whiskey are best for making cocktails?

Both bourbon and rye whiskey are popular choices for cocktails. Bourbon tends to be sweeter and is great for classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, while rye whiskey has a spicier note that suits cocktails like the Manhattan.

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Can whiskey be used in hot cocktails?

Yes, whiskey can be used in hot cocktails. Hot toddies, for example, are made with whiskey, honey, lemon, and hot water, and they are perfect for warming up on a cold day or soothing a sore throat.

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