Are there any cocktails that use triple sec and jam?

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Yes, there is a cocktail that uses triple sec and a jam-like ingredient called marmalade. It's a Bitter Orange & Cardamom Martini, which contains vodka, Cointreau (a type of triple sec), lemon juice, marmalade, and cardamom pods. This cocktail has a high rating of 4.72/5 and is served in a cocktail glass.
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Triple sec

You asked: What cocktails use triple sec and jam?. We found 10 cocktails answering the question.

Bitter orange & cardamom martini

Infused with that wonderful aroma of orange and spices reminiscent of Christmas, this is a wonderful take on classic Christmas...

Vodka (60ml), Cointreau (20ml), Lemon Juice (60ml), Marmalade (Tablespoon), Cardamom pods (2)

5 ingredients
4.72 / 5

Jammy Donut

The Jammy Donut cocktail is an indulgent treat reminiscent of the popular sugary confection it's named after. It artfully combines...

Vodka (15ml), Raspberry liqueur (15ml), Sugar (Pinch), Cream (10ml)

4 ingredients
3.93 / 5


I saw this recipe in a Jägermeister brochure. Sounded weird, tasted fantastic!

Triple Sec (30ml), Lime juice (30ml), Sugar Syrup (7.5ml), Jagermeister (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.93 / 5

Jaffa Shot

Having made a chocolate-orange flavoured cocktail with cocoa infused rum and Cointreau, I wanted to make something easier and clear...

Triple Sec (90ml), Coffee liqueur (60ml)

2 ingredients
3.89 / 5

Truth Serum

The Truth Serum is a captivating blend of spirits and citrus, combining vodka with a trio of liqueurs: triple sec,...

Vodka (30ml), Absinthe (Dash), Triple Sec (30ml), Melon liqueur (30ml), Blue Curaçao (30ml), Lemonade (Top up)

6 ingredients
3.87 / 5

Royal Apricot Fizz

The Royal Apricot Fizz cocktail is a bubbly and sophisticated drink that combines the fruity sweetness of apricot brandy with...

Orange juice (120ml), Lemon Juice (120ml), Champagne / prosecco (150ml), Apricot Brandy (60ml)

4 ingredients
3.84 / 5


The Merissimo is a layered shot-style cocktail that brings together the rich creaminess of Baileys Irish Cream with the deep,...

Bailey's (10ml), Coffee liqueur (10ml), Triple Sec (10ml)

3 ingredients
3.76 / 5

Fruity Explosion

Fruity Explosion is a tasty and vibrant cocktail that is sure to pack a punch of flavor. The blend of...

Orange juice (Top up), Melon liqueur (30ml), Cherry liqueur (15ml)

3 ingredients
3.63 / 5

Citrus Cooler

Citrus Cooler is a refreshing and zesty cocktail that combines the tangy flavours of lime, orange and lemon with a...

Lime juice (15ml), Triple Sec (20 ml), Orange juice (30ml), Lemon rum (40 ml), Salt (Pinch)

5 ingredients
3.53 / 5


We've collated some quick fire Q&A's on the question to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What is triple sec and how is it used in cocktails?

Triple sec is a type of orange-flavored liqueur. It is used in cocktails to add a sweet and citrusy flavor and is a common ingredient in drinks like margaritas and cosmopolitans.

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Can marmalade be used in cocktails?

Yes, marmalade can be used in cocktails to add a rich, citrus flavor. It is often used in drinks that complement its sweet and slightly bitter taste.

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What are some popular types of glassware for serving martinis?

Martinis are traditionally served in a martini glass, which is a stemmed glass with a wide and shallow bowl. This glass helps to keep the drink cold and brings out the aromas.

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How can I use cardamom pods in a cocktail?

Cardamom pods can be used to infuse cocktails with a warm, spicy flavor. Crush the pods lightly to release their aromatic oils before adding them to the drink.

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Is it important to use freshly squeezed lemon juice in cocktails?

Using freshly squeezed lemon juice is recommended for cocktails as it provides a brighter, more vibrant flavor compared to bottled lemon juice, which can contain preservatives and lack freshness.

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