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Christmas Cocktail Collection 2018 list
Christmas Cocktail Collection 2018
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It finished about 4 months ago 1st Dec - 1st Jan
Our yearly Christmas Cocktail Collection, where we scour the internet and our cupboards to create, discover and be amazed by the wonderful Christmas Cocktails that are out there and can be made. Our 2018 list is our best yet (although to be fair, we say that every year), or so we...
Added: 3rd Dec 2018
The Official Christmas Cocktail Collection 2016 list
The Official Christmas Cocktail Collection 2016
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It finished about 2 years time ago 1st Dec - 5th Jan
The official Make me a cocktail's top 25 cocktails for Christmas 2016. From Prosecco based welcome drinks, serious complex spiced concoctions, Christmas classics and some great winter warmers, come check out our run down of the best Christmas 2016 cocktails....
Added: 15th Dec 2016
Cocktails for weddings list
Cocktails for weddings
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Although you've got the classics in here, and some of my more favourite champagne cocktails, I've also thrown in a mojito and caipirinha that go down so well on a nice summer day - maybe think about those if its a summer wedding. I also find that having a Whiskey Sour helps for some of the more...
Added: 14th Jun 2011


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