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Dirty Larson cocktail
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The creator, Anita Larson. Lover of dirty Martinis made with Vodka, but always felt they lacked something. Living on the Isle of Skye, our supplies can be limited, and the village shop only had Olives in a foil pack, no brine! So, I opened my fridge to see what I had in brine...only Capers..I mixed the Olives with the Caper juice, and added a little Cayenne pepper for some zing! Dressed with black and green Olives...stirred One AMAZING twist on a dirty Martini!!! Hope you love it!


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Straight into a cocktail glass put 2 shots good quality Vodka, I shot Vermouth, I tablespoon Caper Juice into which Olives have been lightly steeped, or, if you have Olive juice, use ½ tablespoon Olive juice, and half a tablespoon Caper juice. Prepare a cocktail stick with 4 dark and green Olives, add a dash of Cayenne pepper to the glass, and stir with the Olive laden cocktail stick.
You can add this combination to a cocktail shaker with two cubes of ice and swirl making a Dirty Cold Larson, or without ice and made in the glass a Dirty Larson.

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Dirty Larson cocktail
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