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Thompson Tour 75 cocktail

Glass type

Champaign flute
Champaign flute

8 ingredients

The Thompson Tour 75 has been created in celebration of the first 75 years of Mr Colin Thompson of Grayshott and is based on the principles of the French 75. Ingredients are added from the key ports of travel of M.Y. Serena and M.Y. Squadron Leader.
The Gin must be Tanqueray Ten, the lemon juice Sicilian, Amaretto made with almonds from Mallorca, The apricot brandy is from Corsica, and Limoncello from Amalfi with a distinctive finish of Croatian Maraschino liqueur and garnish.
To be totally authentic, the first sip should be taken standing in Brindisi at the base of the steps that mark the start of the Appian way.
Be Warned!, Following consumption of a “Thompson Tour 75” any trip should be approached with caution. Departure can be addressed with the destination in mind and the certainty that you will, eventually, arrive. However, it is useful to accept that the route may not be direct and that for a considerable period you may not be confident in your current location.


Soak the cherry in Maraschino in the bottom of a champagne flute. Shake all the other spirits, juice, a little grated lemon zest and syrup with ice, strain into the champagne flute. Top up with chilled champagne.


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