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Strawberry Minto Mojito cocktail

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Highball glass
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This a combo from The Bar Book by Jeffery Morganthaler and a classic mojito recipe with some personal experimentation thrown in. You could muddle the strawberry and mint for a personal cocktail, but I prefer making a syrup prior.


First, we make the syrup.
-Set up 2 pots on the stove
-In the first, make 1.5 cups simple syrup (1.5 cups water + 1.5 cups sugar)
-Set to simmer and add 1.5 cups (280g) of hulled and halved strawberries
-Simmer the strawberries in the SS for 10 mins
-Strain syrup with a fine-mesh or a cheesecloth into blender
In the second pot, boil some water to blanch the mint
-Dip the mint stems (5 large, or 7 medium sized) in the boiling water for approx 15 secs then submerge in an ice bath for 1 minute
-After drying with paper towels, pick mint leaves off stem and add to blender with our strawberry syrup
Blend mint/strawberry syrup for 1 minute then strain. Bottle and chill (will last approx 1 month is fridge).
To make the mojito:
-Fill a Collins glass with ice (can add a sugar rim if desired)
-In cocktail shaker add:
2 oz Bacardi Superior (or any other white rum)
1 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Strawberry Mint SS
-Add ice and shake well
-Strain into Collins glass, top with soda, and garnish with mint leaves and halved strawberry if desired.


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