Siren's Call

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Siren's Call cocktail
This recipe was created during the EBS Amsterdam mixology course. In a team we had to create our own syrup by using pre-selected ingredients by the instructors. We created a pear-rosemary-cinnamon syrup by using fresh pear juice and blending it together in a pot with rich syrup: use one part rich syrup and one part fresh pear juice. Infuse with a cinnamon stick and some fresh rosemary.
The next day we had to use our self made syrup in a self created cocktail. Our cocktail contains two kinds of rum, blending together and giving it a golden colour. Siren's Call - an alluring golden looking rum cocktail, made by two girls - was born.


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First, create the pear-rosemary-cinnamon syrup (recipe found in the background information section). Add 20ml of the self made pear-rosemary-cinnamon syrup.
The method is stir and julep strain: combine all ingredients in the mixing glass and mix. Julep strain it out into the old fashioned glass. We used one big ice cube cut from an ice block used during the mixology course, but cubed ice will do fine too. If prefered, leave out the ice (going Sazerac style).
Garnish with a pear slice.

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Siren's Call cocktail

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