Blue Gin and Tonic

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1 Cocktail PT2M PT2M cocktail, Lime, Tonic Water, Dry Gin, Blue Curacao Blue Gin and Tonic cocktail
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Blue Gin and Tonic cocktail
I am just a "home" barmaid who improvises such drinks!


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4 Ingredients


1st put the ice into the glass first to cool your ice. Stir the glass by hand, so you can cool your glass quickly and leave it while you prepare the other ingredients
2nd squeeze 2 or 4 lime wedges and add them in the glass
3rd pour 50 ml Gordon's Dry Gin and add around 200 ml Schweppes Tonic Water and then add just a drop or 1 tsp of Blue Curacao and stir them
4th garnish the glass with coloured (blue) sugar + mango slices + pineapple leaves (put coloured sugar at the top of the leaves) and a blueish artistic straw

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Blue Gin and Tonic cocktail

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