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Blackberry Bramble cocktail

Glass type

Lowball glass
Lowball glass

4 ingredients

  • 15ml1.5cl½ measure15ml½ozWhisky
  • DashDashDashDashDashLime
  • ¼ cup/50g¼ cup/50g¼ cup/50g¼ cup/50g¼ cup/50gSugar
  • 1010101010Blackberries
I'm part of the eighth generation at Dickie Bros. Orchard in Nelson County, Virginia. After being encouraged by the manager of Virginia Distillery Company to create a new cocktail, I decided to give it whirl. I created the Blackberry Bramble one afternoon in my kitchen by combining Virginia Distillery Company's Highland Malt Whisky and Dickie Bros. orchard's freshly-picked blackberries into a scrumptiously sweet beverage. The Virginia Distillery Company's staff instantly loved the new cocktail and now it's part of their cocktail selection at their tasting room in Nelson County, Virginia.


Crush blackberries with a little sugar and cook into a simple syrup. Pour whisky into a clean, clear cocktail glass. Add the blackberry syrup, a splash of lime juice and some ice, then stir. Garnish the Blackberry Bramble with a sprig of mint and cocktail stick adorned with two or three fresh blackberries on the top, then serve.


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