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Pink Gin cocktail

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Brandy Snifter
Brandy Snifter

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A necessary staple to preserve the stiff upper lip of the traditional British upper class, the Pink Gin is a rare relic from a bygone age of imperial Britain.

According to legend, the drink was originally created when sailors with the Royal Navy demanded something to mix with their doctor-mandated bitters. This drink is only accurate if true Plymouth Gin is used. Plymouth Gin is a sweet gin that can only be distilled in Plymouth, on the coast of England. For an even more potent Pink Gin, use the Plymouth Navy Strength Gin, which boasts 57% alcohol.

Variations of this drink involve increasing or decreasing the amount of bitters used. For example: add the bitters, swirl it around the cup, and pour it out again.

Actor Alec Guinness orders a pink gin in the film "Raise the Titanic" where he instructs the bartender: "and don't skimp on the Angostura."


In a snifter glass, or an old fashioned glass, add the bitters. Swirl the bitters around to coat the bottom portion of the glass. Add the Plymouth Gin and serve.


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