Top 10 Blogs Where You Can Find the Unique Cocktail Ideas

  • 19th April 2023

This post was written in collaboration with Jillian Avilles

From aerial shots of brunch to tantalizingly delicious cocktails, Instagram has something for every type of libation lover. For those needing serious drink spiration, get your feeds ready – we present 10 amazing cocktail bloggers who are shaking up the social media game! Step away from the Aperol spritz and discover all sorts of new recipes that will have you sipping classy creations like a professional mixologist. Here are the best blogs to find cocktail ideas on the internet.

Top 10 Blogs with Cocktail Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Whether you’re the designated drink mixer at your weekly game night, the host of a big gathering, or just looking to spice up your standard Thursday evening happy hour ritual – knowing how to craft delicious and exciting drinks is an essential skill. With that in mind, we’ve gathered together 10 blogs with excellent cocktail ideas for every occasion. From classic margaritas and tried-and-true martinis to unique twists on old favorites and inventive new recipes – the best cocktail bloggers will teach you everything you need to know about crafting amazing cocktails for yourself and your friends!

Cocktail Hammer

Crafting cocktails has never been easier than with Cocktail Hammer. Run by two passionate U.S military veterans, their website gives you the tools to become a master mixologist without even leaving your house. With its fun tagline of “Stay Home and Get Hammered,” it’s obvious there’s no shortage of inspiration for all cocktail fans alike – from beginner recipes to product reviews – this site is sure to bring out everyone’s inner bartender!


Emily Arden Wells, the mastermind behind @gastronomista_, has built a reputation as one of the most popular cocktail blogs around. Her feed is a mesmerizing blend of mouth-watering cocktail shots, recommendations for different spirits, and exciting snippets from her numerous travels around the globe – one recent highlight being her Japanese whiskey-filled trip to Tokyo. To top it off, Emily is an architect by trade but her website is so sleek and professional that it’s hard to believe that Gastronomista isn’t her full-time gig! Her feed is sure to make any cocktail lover drool with envy.

The Drink Blog

Looking for a cocktail blog that cuts straight to the good stuff? Look no further than Morgan and Alice’s cocktail blog. Whether you’re looking to mix up something classic or try your hand at a new concoction, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. And with Alice’s stunning photography, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the bar, sipping on one of their delicious drinks. So why wait? Grab your shaker and get ready to stir up something amazing.

Imbibe Magazine

Discover delightful ways to add some pizzazz and spice up any gathering with Imbibe Magazine! From creative concoctions of alcoholic beverages, like beer and wine reviews, to tasty non-alcoholic options – the wealth of knowledge found both in print and online will leave you feeling inspired. Who needs a soda when sipping on something special is an option?

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Good Drink

Colleen Jeffers’ blog ‘Good Drink’, and Instagram profile, invite the curious home bartenders out there to join her on a cocktail-making journey. With its focus on teaching fundamentals so people can confidently experiment with their own recipes; it showcases interesting twists like Spicy Cilantro Margaritas for those who want more than just classic cocktails!


Discover the perfect craft cocktail for your next gathering and explore 22 of the world’s most vibrant cities with Punch Magazine! With James Beard’s recognition, this online magazine offers top-notch guides to some of our planet’s most intriguing destinations – from Charleston to Milan, Hong Kong, and beyond.

Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail is a unique blog that celebrates more than just drinks. It brings to life stories from bartenders, dives into the history and culture surrounding spirits, and keeps readers updated on new developments in the beverage industry. Reaching far beyond simple reviews or recipes, it’s an engaging journey around the world for those looking to explore all things cocktail-related!

Stars for Streetlights

At @gardencocktails, NYC-based blogger and BarkPost founder Stacie Grissom demonstrates the art of mixology through her urban balcony garden. She sources a variety of fresh herbs, flowers, and botanicals to craft fantastically flavorful cocktails – like Watermelon Basil Margaritas made with homegrown basil! Not only can you find drinks on her Insta feed (which is strictly boozy!), but also writings about New York City life & DIY projects worth sipping over.

Letters & Liquor

Matthew William Wyne, lettering artist and creator of @lettersandliquor, takes you on a journey through time with his exquisite illustrations. He breathes life into classic cocktails; each design inspired by the original period in which it was invented – from Baroque Sherry Cobblers to Prohibition-era Gin Rickeys. Ever curious about the history behind these delicious drinks? Visit his website for an insightful look at their origins as well as recipes so that you can craft them yourself!

Thirsty Camel Cocktails

Struggling for new and creative content to keep your cocktail blog interesting? Look no further than Thirsty Camel Cocktails! Every week, Carla delights readers with inventive recipes and tantalizing bar reviews. So if you’re looking to spice up a drinks-themed website, bookmark this spot now!


Whether you’re a professional mixologist or an enthusiastic home bartender, these 10 resources have something to offer everyone. With cocktail recipes, bar reviews, historical information, and even garden-inspired drinks, there’s something for every kind of drinker. Let the journey begin! Cheers!

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