The Most Popular Drinks in Casinos: Top-5 List

  • 2nd June 2022

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The owners of reputable casinos make great efforts to create a comfortable environment for gamblers in their establishments. Among other signs of attention, casino guests are offered free drinks. Such a compliment from the institution is usually offered to players who spend a lot of time at slot machines, roulette, or card tables and make large bets. What are the most popular drinks in the casino? Here are the top-5 drinks in demand among visitors to land-based casinos.

1)   Beer

Almost everyone who visits gambling establishments drinks beer. The famous actor Brad Pitt, when spending time at the blackjack table, always orders himself a glass of beer. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz also shares a love for this drink. The owners of gambling establishments know about it, so they often offer beer to customers for free. The drink is served in pre-chilled glasses or bottles. Besides, clients of Zodiac Casino also don’t mind having a glass of beer when spinning the reels online.

2)   Tea and coffee

The most popular hot drinks in the world are always on the menu of any bar in a good gambling establishment. Freshly roasted coffee, and strong black or green tea are timeless classics, like many types of gambling. In the best gambling houses, guests will be offered elite varieties of these drinks. From thousands of varieties of Arabica and Robusta, first-class baristas select medium or strong roast beans to make the coffee especially fragrant. Brazilian and Guatemalan Arabica or Ethiopian Robusta are considered the best.

3)   Whiskey

Usually, pure whiskey is in the highest demand among players. The serving sizes of this drink vary greatly, but it is drunk in small sips. Often, Coca-Cola or soda is added to whiskey. Such cocktails are also loved by card players. They are refreshing and energizing, especially when poured into tall glasses with plenty of ice. There is also an option when Cola with ice is served separately, and whiskey is served in small chilled shots.

4)   Shots and longs based on vodka

The most common addition to vodka is the Red Bull energy drink. It is mixed with vodka and poured either into low chilled shots or into tall (for longs) glasses with ice. The percentage of alcohol in it is about 40%. The drink is ideal for those who want to cheer up while sitting at the card table or the slot machines, as it contains a large dose of caffeine.

5)   Gin and tonic

This is the most classic option on our list. You need to drink it measurably, in small sips, so it is perfect for card tables. It helps to relax and relieve stress. This drink is poured into low glasses, while the gin and tonic themselves are served with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

A small dose of alcohol before betting on slot machines or roulette can have a positive effect. A person begins to feel more relaxed, it is easier to make a decision about gambling and get more pleasure from this activity. And this is exactly why people go to the casino.

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