The First Make me a Cocktailer badge is awarded!

  • 30th November 2012

We’re pleased to announce the first ever Make me a Cocktailer badge is being awarded to:

Hannah Ager 

This badge is given out by our team here for members who have made a large valuable contribution to the site, We don’t award these badges often (well, she is the first), and it gives us great pleasure to award her the badge.

She received the badge after letting us know of some improvements she’d like to see around the site, all great ideas, and nearly all of them we implemented. It had obviously taken her time and effort in using the site, and to let us know, and with her continued activity on the site, we wanted to award her efforts.

Along with the badge, we also awarded her a bottle of spirits of her choice from our partners TheDrinkShop, which she duley took up and a bottle is on its way to her as we speak.

Congratulations Hannah, from everyone here at Make me a Cocktail.

Her recommendations that we implemented include:

  • The favourites link, which is used quite a lot by members, was hard to get to in the admin section and should be more prominent, maybe disaplyed in the top toolbar. Done.
  • For all recipes on the site, she wanted to know if she could make the cocktail from her ‘My Bar’ without having to load up the cocktail and look at th ingredients – or use the My Bar search. We changed the display code for cocktails to have a green border around them if you can make it with your current bar ingredients.  great idea! Done!
  • The top search box should autocomplete – like google. Another great idea. Done
  • She was clicking on the badges / reputation words in the admin area and nothing happened. She wanted to see the latest badges / points straight from that area. We had actually implemented this but it was only possible via a small arrow – we made all the words clickable. In other words, done.
  • She doesn’t need the meta box reminding her to ‘Get started and add ingredients into her bar’ if she already has. Good thinking, we removed the box if you have started a bar. Done!
  • And a host of queries on certain cocktails, their ingredients, spelling etc.
Again, Hannah congratulations, well done, but most importantly – thanks!


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