The Big Freeze Is On It’s Way!

Don’t panic! There is not some freak snowstorm about to hit the UK (I hope!) However, an increasing number of London bars have started to offer refreshing Poptails as part of their cocktail menu. The perfect way to relax in the hot summer sun, the Poptail is sure to help you to chill out.

Exactly as the name describes, the drink is a Prosecco cocktail with an ice-lolly garnish. It is a grown-up way to enjoy an ice pop, and a cocktail at the same time. Invented by David Kay, head mixologist at Late Night London, it is a refreshing twist on the traditional glass of wine. Kay states that the drinks are “extremely light and fruity and will go down phenomenally easy in the summer sun.”

It is available in passion fruit or raspberry flavor and is approximately 285 calories per beverage. Although it seems like a simple idea, the gourmet lollies were created by Lickalix, who had to work to Kay’s precise specifications. The result was the perfect complement to a dry Prosecco.

The drink is a variation on a dessert that has been around for a while and is very easy to make at home. You can choose your favourite cocktail recipe from our site and pour into ice-lolly moulds. They need a little longer to freeze than traditional ice lollies due to the alcohol, but they are a great idea for adult parties. Or, make like Kay and pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and garnish with an ice lolly of your choice.

Late Night London has been responsible for many a fad cocktail, including the Morning Glory cocktail, which is garnished with fruit loops, and the Crème Egg Mojito, a combination of chocolate and mint liqueurs topped with the popular chocolate treat. Another favourite is the Dangerously Divine, which sweetened the traditional Martini with chocolate and caramel.

Kay is not the first mixologist to experiment with ice and cocktails this summer. The Monkey Bar in Bangalore, Mumbai, has been offering Poptails since May, although they prefer the more traditional frozen cocktail in a juice glass. Easily mistaken for a kid’s treat, these frozen drinks contain 20-25mls of alcohol each.

You can purchase Kay’s Poptail for £7 at popular venues in London including The Gable, The Sterling, The Last and the Grace Bar. With a two-week heat wave promised for the end of the month, these drinks are sure to be a refreshing antidote to the punishing sun.

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