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People are going green in many areas of life, and now they can drink in a green way. There are organic versions of nearly all kinds of liquor these days, so imbibe in good health! Most cooks are interested in having organic produce and meat, so why not liquor?

Organic spirits are made with green processes and pure products. Square One Vodka, from California, uses wind for 25% of the power used in the distillery. The distiller uses 100% certified organic American rye to make the vodka. The labels on the bottles are printed on paper made from sustainable bamboo and cotton. They even recycle the organic rye byproduct from the distillation process and sell it as feed to organic dairy farmers.

Kanon Vodka, from Sweden, gathers organic wheat within a three-mile radius of the distillery which is in a 16th century castle. The process is powered by wind and water and nothing else. Kanon uses water from its own artesian aquifer and heats the employees’ offices with steam from the fermentation process.

These two companies are going the distance, but whiskey makers are running right along side them. Organic American, Scotch and Irish whiskies are all available now. Also, organic tequila and gin are used frequently, at least in upscale watering holes, and by many home bartenders who don’t want unknown ingredients in their cocktails.

Along with the organic spirits, organic juices, fruits and vegetables are put into the mix. There is no point in using chemically-enhanced fruits and vegetables with organic spirits. Agave nectar and organic vanilla cane syrup are added to drinks instead of sugar. Even organic balsamic vinegar is an option for a drink made with organic blueberry nectar and fresh lime juice.

A “Wicked Dirty Martini 14” is made with organic vodka, olive brine, black pepper and a pimento-stuffed olive for a garnish. Sangria with organic red wine and fruit sounds delicious, especially on a hot day.

Tea-infused martinis, with organic tea and vodka, of course, are popular with some drinkers. White, black, green and herb teas are used in a huge variety of organic cocktails. Recipes are coming out of the woodwork.

Yes, there is organic champagne, thank the makers. Throw a few organic raspberries into a flute and drink up. The good times will roll. Another rejuvenating warm-weather, all-organic drink is a “Square One Organic Watermelon Refresher.” Cucumber, watermelon juice, fresh lemon juice and agave nectar combine to send the imbiber to heaven. A vegetable-laden Bloody Mary is even healthier with an organic vodka.

Who knew there was organic whisky? Whisky drinkers may be healthier than they thought. Two organic scotches are Bruichladdich Single Malt and Da Mhile Organic Single Grain Scotch Whisky.

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