English Spirit Cucumber

I was intrigued to try the Cucumber Spirit, something both completely new and yet quintessentially British. It’s a highly unusual spirit, creamy but very fresh, powerfully cucumbery, but with a slight sweetness to its character. When describing the cucumber spirit to a friend, it sounds the sort of thing to be used in minuscule amounts to add flavour to a long cocktail, or in lieu of vermouth in a martini. And it certainly works in that context (a Pimm’s Martini with Pimm’s, lemon syrup, cucumber spirit, calvados and mint would be a fine way to make a summer drink short and wintry).

However, this is a drink that can be sipped, or used as the spirit to be mixed with cloudy lemonade for a fresh and summery, grown-up cooler. It’s certainly not the first ingredient on a new cocktail maker’s wishlist, but the connoisseur will find they use it much more than expected, especially once the sun makes its way back into our lives.

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Michael Jelley
Michael is a qualified wine expert and an unqualified lover of spirits. With a shelf full of spirits to shame all but the most specialist bar, he loves finding great newcomers, rediscovering old favourites, and working out what will be the next modern classic.


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