The Most Expensive Cocktails in Australian Casinos

19th June 2024
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Australian casinos feature the most-priced and tastiest cocktails from around the world. In addition, the popularity of the costly collection of cocktails has grown in recent years. The reason is that players visiting casinos always look for top experiences with each drink. But which are the specific beverages, and what makes them stand out for land based casino players? The experts from AussieCasinoReviewer have contributed to the research for the article with their valuable insights focusing on cocktail drinks. They have shed light on the artistry and craftsmanship brought into play in creating each of the most expensive cocktail drinks offered in various Australian casinos. So, now let’s see the uniqueness of these cocktails.

The Winston

The Winston speaks luxury and class volumes and is among the most expensive cocktails ever. Sold for AUD 12,500 at Melbourne's Crown Casino, the drink was created by master mixologist Joel Heffernan. At Winston’s centerpiece, we’ve 1858 Croizet Cognac. This rare and old cognac is appreciated for its historical meaning, including savoring perfection. Studies show that notable personalities prefer the beverage. These include Churchill and Eisenhower, who took the cocktail as they planned for D-Day.

Furthermore, the cocktail contains Grand Marnier Quintessence & Chartreuse VEP ingredients. The two are top-tier and premium liqueurs featuring intense flavor and finesse. Next, Winston's production lasts two days. Therefore, this guarantees that each detail of Winston's drink gets treated to perfection. Then, it's crowned using specially developed chocolate, including nutmeg soil. The addition fits with the rest of the lovely, rich flavors of cognac and liqueurs.

As an extra, the Guinness World Record enlisted The Winston as the world's most expensive cocktail. The drink still retains the title today, yet some controversies surround the sale. Even though the Winston drink remains a real crowd-puller among the high rollers and fine spirit connoisseurs. The opulent setting in Club 23 at the Crown Casino contributes a lot to pulling the crowds.

Millionaire's Margarita

The Margarita is a stunning, authentic wealth expression in the cocktail drinks space. The drink also features premium-quality ingredients, given the Millionaire's Margarita's price score. One such ingredient involves the rich Extra Añejo Tequila, aged several years. It's the ingredient behind the Margarita cocktail's rich, complex flavor profile.

Among other things, Millionaire's Margarita features the Grand Marnier 100. It's a super-premium liquor dating back a century. This is why the cocktail will shine on casinos with elegance and heritage. Casinos add fresh lime juice to offer a welcome tangy counterpoint to the potent spirit. The subtle point that makes the Margarita unique remains the butterfly pea syrup. You'll note one thing when the drink is poured before a casino gambling guest. The drink changes colors from blue to purple because of the lime juice’s acidity. 

You’ll receive Margarita cocktail drinks in double rocks glasses atop fresh ice. They'll come garnished using an edible flower. Thus, in addition to Margarita being a gustatory delight, it’s moreover a spectacle. The aspect is part of a casino player’s overall drinking experience. A bar in the casino remains the best place for anyone after Millionaire's Margarita, the most expensive drink. 

The Jewel of the Sea

The cocktail remains as elegant and sophisticated as the Jewel of Sea. The drink perfectly blends moderately aged rum, dry curaçao, gardenia mix, & orange juice. The ingredients complement each other. Thus, they create a refreshing drink that satisfies anyone's complex tastes.

The drink features smooth/velvety textures, with the smack balanced between sweet, sour, & mildly bitter. The gardenia mix is another notable ingredient. It contains a spiced/flavored blend, making the cocktail stand beyond compare in all aromas. Besides, the orange juice does not only give a better taste. Instead, it also offers coloring to Jewel of Sea, which, by each means, looks pretty.

Reminding the guest of the classic Martini forms the Jewel of Sea’s other notable feature. The drink ranks high because of the sophisticated manner of preparation and presentation. Again, the Jewel of Sea’s tropical twist makes the cocktail unique. This becomes true when ranked on those favorite lists of people who highly value a well-balanced drink featuring a stunning view. Moreover, the Jewel of Sea’s story isn’t dull if the truth were to be told. It’s said to receive inspiration, whose roots are the coastal resorts’s lushness and exotic ambiance.

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The Emperor’s Elixir

Everyone will surely notice the Emperor's Elixir. The cocktail portrays a list of unique ingredients plus regal presentation features. It’s the Unicum Herbal Liqueur product, a Hungarian spirit from more than 40 herbs & spices. Many people generally recognize Unicum for bitterness, pine, & eucalyptus qualities. Besides, it’s often advertised to elicit digestive reactions. Hence, don't be surprised to see it ranked as a recommendable after-dinner cocktail drink.

To balance the Unicum, the Emperor's Elixir uses sweet vermouth as well as orange curaçao. They provide a little bit of sweetness together with citrusy notes. Thus, the mix allows casinos to create a complex flavor profile that’s rich yet refreshing. Other than the above, there’s further an orange twist for garnish. The touch imparts class and enhances the Emperor's Elixir's aromatic appeal.

It's among the cocktail favorites in high-class bars. The point is particularly true in casino bars after unique drinking experiences. Also, the fact it’s served in chilled coupe glasses makes the drink a top-shelf cocktail. The Emperor's Elixir showcases testaments to creativity when considering production processes and serving. The drink displays the craftsmanship of mixologists. The pros strive to create exceptional beverages to leave a lasting impression.

The Luxe Negroni

It’s a high-end Negroni, the classic cocktail shining for being savored for over a hundred years. The premium ingredients are why the cocktail appears among the costly drinks. They include Elk Rider Gin, Campari, & Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. Prosecco is likewise used as a topping,  giving the drink a fizzy and effervescent quality.

In addition, the Luxe Negroni features a balanced flavor. This’s because the drink takes the Campari bitterness, the Luxardo sweetness, & the gin's bots. In addition, using prosecco, the cocktail becomes incredibly light, bubbly, & refreshing. The generous orange twist garnishment enhances the cocktail drink’s visual appearance. The twist further plays a pivotal role in giving those drinks a citrus aroma.

The beverage, the Negroni, does feature a past, and it’s actually from the early 1900s in Italy. The history is honored plus updated in the Luxe Negroni to suit the modern palate. Today's top-rated bars, along with online casinos, love Luxe Negroni, the most expensive cocktail. That’s for two primary reasons: the Luxe Negron’s previous records plus the notable flavor profile.


The world of the most expensive cocktails is an outstanding field of luxury and craftsmanship. That is true from Winston's previous records to visual spectacles of Millionaire's Margarita drinks. Each beverage reviewed here shows mixologists' creativity and skill. Every mixologist stretches the boundaries of a cocktail's reach. The drinks express luxury and indulgence, whether in a casino bar or a high-end lounge. So, don't hesitate to order your favorite cocktail the next time you find yourself in such a place. That'll be the chance to try the exquisite casino drinks plus indulge in pure luxury.

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