Why Do Cocktails Taste Better in the Sun?

8th January 2024

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Is it a myth? Or do our favourite mixed beverages really taste better when we can sip
them in the sunshine? There is something about relaxing outside that makes
cocktails irresistible – who can sit in the sun without wanting something sweet
and ice-cold to drink? So, what is the science behind it?

We Crave Cold Things

It’s perhaps obvious that hot weather makes us long for things that will cool us down. When it comes to cocktails, it’s rare that we will crave a Hot Toddy when the weather warms up. But a Strawberry Daiquiri would go down a treat!

We Drink More, Eat Less

You have probably noticed that when it’s really hot, you don’t want to eat as much. This is your brain’s way of helping to keep you cool. When your body is busy digesting food, it is warming you up on the inside. So, the less you eat, the cooler you’ll be.

However, you’ll be sweating more, so your body recognizes the risk of dehydration.
That’s why you are naturally more thirsty. And while it can be tempting to
reach for the nearest cocktail, this won’t actually do much for your
dehydration. Make sure to break up your alcoholic drinks with plenty of water,
so you can enjoy the sun without getting a headache or any of the other
ailments that come from dehydration.

We Crave Sweet Things

It is a little less obvious as to why we crave sweet things when it is hot. This is
also a sign of dehydration. When your body doesn’t have enough water, your
liver suffers. It can no longer break down glycogen as easily. This means your
blood doesn’t get enough glucose.

And what’s another word for glucose? Sugar! Craving sweet things is literally your body’s way of asking for some more water, please!

Pardon the interruption

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We Want to Celebrate the Sun

In the UK, at least, the sun is something to celebrate. It makes us feel good, it makes things look better, and it helps our gardens grow and our washing dry. Anything that makes our lives easier without costing us money is worth a cocktail or two!

So, next time you are sitting in the sun and thinking about having a cocktail, you can blame science for your impulses. Just remember to mix it up with water and fill your glass with plenty of ice to keep you cool.

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Bartender's top tip

The way you pour ingredients can affect your cocktail's final taste. Pour slowly and steadily to ensure proper mixing. When layering cocktails, use the back of a spoon to gently add the next ingredient so they don’t mix prematurely. This technique is essential for creating visually stunning layers in drinks like the Pousse-Café.

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