Who Does it Better: London or New York?

8th January 2024

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The Top 50 Bars in the World is always full of entrants from the two biggest cities in bartending. London and New York dominate the charts, often battling out for first place.

So, who does it better? Let’s look at the bars included on the list and let you decide.

Tayēr + Elementary, London

This is actually two bars in one, but both are equally amazing. Founded by Monica Berg
and Alex Kratena, the focus is on great, seasonal cocktails, made with unusual
ingredients. Tayer is more about fine dining, while Elementary is for the
commuters. Both bars offer an experience like no other.

Double Chicken Please, New York

In a similar fashion, this is also an establishment with two bars. The first is
dedicated to high-quality food and cocktails that can be knocked up quickly,
and still be incredible. The second bar combines the idea of food and drink
into carefully crafted cocktails such as Cold Pizza and Mango Sticky Rice. The
concept is unusual, and the atmosphere is amazing.

Connaught Bar, London

Effortlessly combining timeless elegance with modern touches, the Connaught Bar is the hotel
bar that all others look up to. Agostino Perrone’s bar is known worldwide.
Enjoy classic cocktails pulled off with incredible precision and new
concoctions created by the bartenders themselves.

Katana Kitten, New York

This underground Japanese dive bar is definitely worth a visit when you are next in New York! The cocktails and snacks are all Asian-inspired – you’ll find chilli in both, while ingredients such as hinoki tree essence add an authentic twist.

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Attaboy, New York

Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy took the old Milk & Honey venue and put their own stamp
on the place. Both bartenders were trained up by the renowned Sasha Petraske,
so they knew exactly what they were doing. The tiny bar is home to some of the
most amazing cocktails you’ll have ever tasted, so if you can find a space
inside, keep it!

Satan’s Whiskers, London

The owners of Satan’s Whiskers also worked at Milk & Honey, but they took their expertise to the outskirts of London and turned a shabby-looking venue into the coolest place in town. This bar keeps it simple, with classic cocktails done well. And you’ll want to come back again and again!

When you look through the list of The World’s Best Bars, the two cities are pretty
evenly matched.  So you might have to
compare the two for yourself. Let us know what you think!

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