Most Exclusive Cocktail Bars Around the World

8th January 2024

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Where do the rich and famous go when they want to let their hair down? There is a reason
you won’t find Ariana Grande at your local boozer or Elon Musk sipping on a
pint in a microbrewery. Money buys you exclusivity. Here are some of the most
luxurious private cocktail bars around the world.

5 Hertford Street, London

If you’ve ever walked through London, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed the
unassuming entrance to this ridiculously exclusive bar. Inside, however, the
likes of George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio like to drink and dance the night
away! There’s a strictly members-only policy, even for admittance to the
website, and the fees for this are only revealed when a member has been
accepted. The dress code is strict too – image is everything inside this
palatial establishment!

The Metropolitan Club, New York

Put on your best outfit and leave your phone at home if you want to party at The
Metropolitan Club! Once a gentleman’s-only bar, the club is now open to anyone
who is willing to pay the $5,000 a year membership. The dress code is one of
the strictest in the area – insisting on a jacket and a tie for men, and smart
clothing for women.

Silencio, Paris

This incredibly chic members’ bar brings old-school Hollywood glamour to all those lucky to get inside. The club features a variety of social areas, including a library, a cinema, and a photo gallery. Meanwhile, the cocktail menu includes old favourites, such as the Espresso Martini, as well as a few unique concoctions such as the Disco Kakagori.

Soho House

This member’s only club is located in several cities around the world, including Barcelona, Istanbul, Copenhagen, and Mumbai. Clubs currently under construction
include locations in Bangkok, Mexico, and Stockholm. It is thought that Prince
Harry and Megan Markle had their first date in the London branch, while Justin
Timberlake and Liv Tyler have been known to drink in Oxfordshire.

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Hills Club, Tokyo

Want to choose from two bars and seven restaurants while enjoying 360°views of Tokyo? You’ll need to be a member of the Roppongi Hills Club! Dress to impress and you can rub shoulders with some of the richest people in the world! Be warned though, to become a member, you must be recommended and ready to part with a considerable amount of money!

When you’re rich and famous, the cost of a private member’s club can be a small price to
pay for a little privacy and extravagance.

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Bartender's top tip

A well-chosen garnish can enhance both the flavor and appearance of your cocktail. Beyond the visual appeal, garnishes like citrus twists, olives, or cocktail onions can subtly influence the overall taste profile of your drink. Practice techniques like expressing a citrus peel to release the aromatic oils over the drink, enhancing its aroma and flavor.

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