Cocktails to Warm those January Chills

8th January 2024

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It’s the beginning of a brand-new year, which always brings a sense of hope and fresh beginnings. Unfortunately, January can also be one of those most miserable months, bringing us all back to reality with a bump after the fun and festivities of December. It is also quite cold in some parts of the world, adding to our blues. Luckily, our faithful cocktails are always here to cheer us up, ready to cure any ailment, so take your pick from these winter warmers.

Winter Whiskey Sour

There are few spirits that have the ability to warm the soul quite like whiskey, which is why this Winter Whiskey Sour is ideal for this time of year. Made with bourbon, orange juice, lemon juice and sugar syrup, this cocktail brings a lot of sweetness to balance that sharp taste, making it the ideal boost to your sluggish mood and giving you those party feels again.

Mulled Pear and Cranberry Punch

A pure indulgence of delicious winter fruits in liquid form, the Mulled Pear and Cranberry Punch is a great option for January get-togethers. Made with slow gin, pear cider, cranberry juice, pear juice, cinnamon and vanilla, this is a drink to make in advance, warming and infusing it with the different flavours to get an amazing twist on the traditional mulled wine that has probably lost its appeal since Christmas.


When things are starting to really get you down, there is nothing more appealing than a thick, creamy Mudslide cocktail. Made with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, vodka,
vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and
a sprinkle of chocolate flakes, this is a cocktail disguised as a dessert! The
sweet naughtiness of this beverage is sure to bring a smile to your face on a
cold winters’ night.

Winter Pimms Punch

If you are craving the light, sweet taste of Pimms that is all too common throughout the
summer, then this Winter Pimms Punch might be the tonic you require. Made with
warm brandy, Pimms and apple juice infused with orange slices, apple slices and
cinnamon, it is a delicious version of the traditional cocktail that will warm
your insides and make you dream of sunnier days.

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Irish Coffee

Everyone knows it is unacceptable to drink alcohol before midday, but if it is an Irish
Coffee, its okay right? Or this is a drink that makes the perfect after-dinner indulgence.
The best Irish Coffees are made using coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and
cream, but as long as you have whiskey and coffee, you can enjoy this simple

Enjoy these people-pleasing cocktails and you might even be able to find some good in the cooler conditions: the air is fresher, the clothes are comfier and there is nothing more satisfying than getting cosy in front of the fire when it is too cold to go outside.

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