Cocktails for an Indian Summer

8th January 2024

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**Disclaimer** Before you start to read this blog post, it is worth noting that it has been written in advance, during one of the most disappointing English summers that we have had in a while. So, it has been created in the hope of manifesting some sunshine in October! If we do not get an Indian summer, I apologise wholeheartedly!

The days may be shorter, but the sun is still shining its heart out, meaning that alfresco
cocktails are staying firmly on the garden table! Here are some of the tastiest
beverages for your late, late summer sipping!

Indian Summer Shooter

A drink as short as the October days, the Indian Summer Shooter is a fun shot that is sure to help you make the most of every last drop of sunshine. Made up of Kahlua,
vodka and pineapple juice, it is a fruity, creamy, layered combination that is
incredibly moreish!

Nutty Summer

While we all love an Indian Summer, most of us recognize that a heatwave in October is
not a usual occurrence – global warming is doing some crazy things to our
weather! That is why this drink is so perfect for this occasion – this summer
has certainly been nutty! This creamy combination of coconut rum, advocaat and
amaretto has been blended with pineapple juice, cream and bitters for the most
incredible taste sensation that tastes just wonderful in the unexpected sunshine.

Moet Margarita

If you have managed to wangle an afternoon off work to spend time in the autumn sunshine, then you need to celebrate with something a little extra special.  This Moet Margarita is just the thing,
bringing together Grand Marnier, tequila and champagne with lime juice and sugar
syrup to create your favourite cocktail with bubbles!

Adios Motherfucker

Wave the summer goodbye in style, with a drink that will make you forget an Indian summer
even happened! You’ll only need one of these to get you dancing on the tabletops,
since this drink is a potent mix of almost anything you might have in your
cocktail cupboard, including vodka, gin, rum, tequila and blue curacao, topped
with 7up to give it a sweeter edge so that this drink is actually rather palatable!

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Lazy Afternoon

It doesn’t matter how important your plans may have been, when the sun makes a late
appearance, you stop what you are doing and head outside to enjoy a lazy, hazy
afternoon. A cocktail made for this very situation, this drink incorporates
Pisang Ambon, Southern Comfort, orange juice and lemonade to create a fruity,
fizzy concoction that tastes best when you are truly relaxed and warm.

The phenomenon of the Indian Summer is used to describe a warm period of weather in the autumn, that reminds us of the joys of the hotter months. The term is believed to have been coined due to the fact that native Americans always seemed to find the warmest weathers, so that they could enjoy summer all year round.

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Bartender's top tip

Photograph your creation. Cocktails are visual works of art, take a staged picture to remember your curated creation before its taste is enjoyed.

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