Cocktail Alternatives to the COVID-19 Vaccine

8th January 2024

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Whatever your stance on the coronavirus vaccine, whether you can’t wait to get the jab or you are in the anti-vax camp, there is no denying that it has been dominating the news and possibly your thoughts for the past few months. Could it be the light at the end of the dark COVID tunnel? Let’s hope so! In the meantime, here are some fun inoculation-inspired cocktails for you to enjoy!

The Medicine Man

If you are looking for someone to take away those COVID anxieties, The Medicine Man might be just what you need! Looking to boost your health with an injection of white rum,
this is a tasty treat that will encourage you to get your annual booster! Combining
lemon juice, paprika, maple syrup and sage leaves with your choice of rum, this
is an unusual mixture that we are sure you’ll love.


If you are feeling a little down-in-the-dumps, we have the Remedy! This is a potent cocktail
that may actually be the cause of more problems than it solves, but it is also rather
delicious! Combining all those traditional cold and flu natural tonics, lemon,
ginger and honey, with a rather less obvious shot of vodka and one of whiskey,
this is a cocktail you can genuinely use to get rid of the sniffles! However, you
might have a rather bad headache the next day!


So far, Penicillin hasn’t been touted as a cure for COVID-19, but it is great for bacterial infections. If you have one of those, this cocktail version probably
still won’t cure you. We recommend this drink for those who have an aversion to
vodka but really like the idea of the Remedy cocktail. The recipe is basically
exactly the same, substituting am extra shot of whiskey in place of the vodka,
so you can drink up without feeling guilty!

The Cure

If only this drink was the magic answer to the global pandemic! A fearsome combination
of ginger liqueur, lager and lemon juice, it follows the trend for medicinal cocktails
perfectly, although this drink comes with a slightly gassy aftertaste! I wonder
if anyone has suggested this drink to Boris?

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Jabs and Dabs

Perfectly describing the scenes in doctors waiting rooms around the world, this cocktail
suggests a certain excitement at finally getting the vaccine rolled out. A
curious combination of sherry and gin, blended with lemon juice, honey and
strawberry syrup, you will be dancing too after a few of these drinks!

Lemon, ginger and honey have all long been touted for their medicinal benefits, so it
is no wonder that they make an appearance in most of these cocktails. Of
course, if you are genuinely under the weather, you would be better off combining
these non-alcoholic ingredients with hot water and bed rest. Everyone else can
enjoy a cocktail party-for-one until the virus is finally under control!

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Bartender's top tip

Ice plays a crucial role in cocktails, not just for chilling but also for dilution, which can help meld flavors together smoothly. Use large, clear ice cubes or spheres for spirits-forward drinks like Old Fashioneds, as they melt slower and dilute the drink less. For more refreshing, highball-style drinks, ensure your ice is fresh and plentiful to keep the drink cold and vibrant.

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