Cycling for Cocktails

8th January 2024

The Tour de France may have been postponed, with even the rescheduled date looking to be under threat as the saga of the global pandemic carries on, but that has not stopped the English public from taking to the roads in their droves. With cycling listed as an acceptable outdoor activity for those looking for an excuse to leave their houses under lockdown, bicycle sales were up by 15% in March. Doubling up as a safer alternative to public transport, it is easy to see why those looking to stay fit and healthy are turning to cycling.

So strap on your cycling helmet, pump up your tyres and make sure to pop the ingredients for these fabulous cocktails in your cycle basket next time you head to the shops.

On Yer Bike

An irresistible blend of tequila, martini and various fruit juices, this is a sweet but potent blend that will certainly put a spring in your spokes! Despite the name, it might be a good idea to get off your bike before consuming a few of these! h


An Italian gem created in homage to the older gentlemen who would enjoy an early afternoon drink in the popular cafes before attempting to cycle home, this refreshing spritz is enough to make anyone a little bit wobbly on two wheels! Made up of Campari, dry white wine and soda, this is the perfect beverage for a sunny evening.


A drink dedicated to the stretch of road that would usually mark the end of the race for those Tour de France cyclists, this is a beautifully French cocktail that perfectly suits the occasion. Of course, this year we will have to wait a little bit longer to find out who the winners of the coveted yellow jersey will be, but until then, this gorgeous combination of cognac, green chartreuse, lemon juice, sugar syrup, bitters and egg white will take you back to past years of glory.

The Yellow Bicycle

The colour of victory in the cycling world, this cocktail definitely has a slight yellow hue to it. Made up of elderflower liqueur, yellow chartreuse and cava, this is a drink that truly makes a celebration. Something to motivate you to cycle harder and faster, so you can get home quicker to enjoy!

Summer Cyclist

The best time to be out on the bike, we think this summer is going to be the season of the cyclist. Now that everyone has started to enjoy the buzz that comes from a bicycle, perhaps they would also like to end their journey with this fruity mocktail. Made up of strawberry puree, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice and orange sorbet, this tastes like summer in a glass!

Whether you are an avid cyclist or more of an armchair spectator, the Tour de France is a significant event in anyone's sporting calendar. Let's all toast the event together and enjoy our cycling-themed drinks while keeping our fingers crossed for a late summer reprisal.

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Bartender's top tip

A well-chosen garnish can enhance both the flavor and appearance of your cocktail. Beyond the visual appeal, garnishes like citrus twists, olives, or cocktail onions can subtly influence the overall taste profile of your drink. Practice techniques like expressing a citrus peel to release the aromatic oils over the drink, enhancing its aroma and flavor.

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