Five Irish Cocktails You’ll Need for St Patrick’s Day

8th January 2024

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One of the most celebrated days of the patron saints, St Patrick’s day is one that we all love
to claim. Whether you are Irish, you have Irish connections, or your sister’s boyfriend’s
aunt’s old teacher’s dog is Irish, you’ll want to find a reason to enjoy these
blarney beverages.

Shamrocked Shooter

As green as the lush emerald fields themselves, this super-smooth shot will have you performing Irish jigs with the best of them. Made with Midori, whiskey and Irish cream liqueur, it has the perfect amount of sweetness that makes it easy to drink. If you enjoy it that much, you might prefer to serve it over ice or in a chilled cocktail glass, so that you can savour the taste for longer.

The Lucky Irish Girl

Another creamy delight, this cocktail is easy to make and even easier to drink. Made with Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico and heavy cream, it can be given an attractive
twist by adding a little spinach or green food colouring. However, after a few
of these, we can’t promise you’ll feel so lucky in the morning!

Irish Eyes

Who can resist the allure of a pair of jade green eyes? This cocktail has been created in
celebration of those charming cultural beauties, blending irish whiskey with
crème de menthe and cream and topping the whole concoction with a single
maraschino cherry. Minty fresh and oh-so-delicious!

Irish Apple

The Irish can take any ingredient and make it their own. Take the apple, for example. A simple apple cider can quickly become Irish by adding Kamms & Sons, whiskey and apple
and rhubarb juice. When garnished with crab apple and apple blossom and
drizzled with caramel, you’ll barely recognize the fruit. The Irish have a
knack of making everything better.

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Irish Cactus

There are no deserts in Ireland, but plenty of cacti – especially of the liquid variety! One of the
few cocktails to pull of irish whiskey and tequila together, this drink keeps
everything else simple. Served in a lowball glass with plenty of ice, it is a
prickly combination that tastes surprisingly smooth – until the hangover kicks

Of course, on St Patrick's Day you could treat yourself to a Guinness or two, or simply settle for a traditional Irish whiskey on the rocks. Some people like to turn their lager green by adding a drop of food colouring in respect of the Irish saint. But if you want to throw a St Patrick's Day party with class, these cocktails will definitely have your guests dancing as if they were the Lord of the Dance.

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Keep your cocktail costs down. If you have favourite spirits or ingredients to make your cocktails, buy bigger bottles to keep your costs lower.

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