Are you organising a Christmas party? Need some inspiration to make it a special occasion full of festive magic?

8th January 2024

The team here at Make Me A Cocktail were in the same pickle (or should we say chutney?!) So, we went to our hub of 3,500 cocktails available on, made and tested far too many festive alcoholic drinks (sorry mum!) and finally produced our first book bringing together a shortlisted selection of Christmas cocktails and winter warming drinks we not only tasted amazing but were easy to make, great to make in bulk for a party or create something really different to impress your guests! 

Make Me A Cocktail At Christmas is available to buy in paperback from Amazon, or if you need instant inspiration, download your very own copy right now as an eBook! 

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Still need a little inspiration? Take a look at some of the cocktails being made by our customers around the world so far!

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Did you know that you can become a member for free, taking your cocktail making skills up to level 11. You can save your My Bar ingredients, make tasting notes, have personalised Tried and Want to try lists and more.

Merry Christmas All!

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Bartender's top tip

Experiment with cocktails for the season. Try ice-cold, citrussy or sparkling cocktails in warmer seasons and spicy, warm or creamy cocktails for the colder months.

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