Black Friday – On A Wednesday?!

8th January 2024

We think someone at Amazon has tried too many cocktails from and got their days mixed up! Since when was Wednesday the new Friday?!

Before Amazon realise, we wanted to let you know that you can take advantage of the Black Friday sales on Amazon and buy the world first book from the world’s best cocktail resource ‘Make Me A Cocktail At Christmas’!

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Do you need a little inspiration to turn your uninspiring drinks cupboard into a creative crypt of impressive and indulgent festive

Do you want to impress your friends and family over the festive period or create a little indulgence at home when it’s too cold to go

Make Me A Cocktail at Christmas is the world’s first published book from Make Me A Cocktail, to inspire budding cocktail enthusiasts around the world at Christmas. We have tried, tasted and selected the most festive cocktails for you to make at home, making sure there is something for all your friends and family at any time over Christmas!

Pardon the interruption

Did you know that you can become a member for free, taking your cocktail making skills up to level 11. You can save your My Bar ingredients, make tasting notes, have personalised Tried and Want to try lists and more.

What a few cocktail enthusiasts say

If you like the book don’t forget to leave a five-star review and show us the cocktails you have been making! 

Merry Christmas Fellow Cocktail Fans 

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Bartender's top tip

Experiment with cocktails for the season. Try ice-cold, citrussy or sparkling cocktails in warmer seasons and spicy, warm or creamy cocktails for the colder months.

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