Where the A-List Like to Drink

8th January 2024

Celebrity A-Listers might live a charmed life full of expensive things, adoring fans and access to everything their heart desires, but sometimes they like to pretend they are just like us. We’ve tracked down the favourite drinking haunts of some of the biggest names,  in showbiz and we are sure some of the places will surprise you!

The Bull Inn, Berkshire, UK

It’s a long way from Tinsel Town, but George Clooney and his wife love a drink at this 16th century British pub. The listed establishment is just around the corner from their stunning UK home and is the couple’s favourite place to drink pints and cocktails made with George’s own-brand tequila.


The Station, Framlingham, UK


Locals were amazed when Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift sauntered through the doors of The Station pub in Framlingham, but it has actually been one of Ed’s favourite places to drink for years, since it is where he grew up. Ed likes to drink anything from pints of beer to a traditional gin and tonic, with a few shots thrown in between for good measure, while Taylor is thought to enjoy a whiskey on the rocks.


Lillie’s Bordello, Dublin, Ireland


Known to be a favourite spot of all members of U2, this private members club in Dublin is extremely picky about who they let in. With houses around the corner, Bono has been said to be partial to a bottle of vintage wine and other members love a beer.


Ollies Place, Skerries, Ireland


Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor has ties to the little seaside boozer, as the head chef is the brother of his gym coach, so he has enjoyed a drink in the pub in the past. It is well known that he loves a drop of whiskey when out and about.


Polo Bar, New York


Back in the early days of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, the couple often enjoyed a drink together, spending time at the Polo Bar in New York. While she has admitted to being mostly alcohol-free these days, she was once a big fan of a good cocktail. Orlando, on the other hand, is well known for his love of drinking, enjoying a bottle of wine on occasion.


Made in Mexico, New York


As you might imagine, a night out with rapper Jay Z is unlikely to be cheap and cheerful. He enjoys drinking with friends and once spent $9,000 on a night out in Made in Mexico. His drinks included his own-brand cognac and he also enjoys champagne, naturally.


From small town pubs, to high-end nightclubs, the guys at the top of the world of celebrity are not fussy about where they drink. Who knows – maybe you’ll see them in your local soon!

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