Cocktail Trends for the Coming Year

8th January 2024

With just over a week left in the first month of 2018, it is fair to say we have mostly settled into the year by now. New Year seems like so long ago, and Christmas is nothing but a distant memory.
So, we must look forward, and take this year by the horns! With that in mind, we have taken a look at what cocktail enthusiasts can hope to enjoy this year. What trends are just around the corner in the world of alcohol?


Stop yawning and read on! Sustainability is at the forefront of many bartenders minds this year, with many bars banishing the use of the plastic straw and looking to see where else they can make changes that will benefit the environment. Ingredients will be responsibly sourced and bars will look at reducing waste where possible. This is a really positive step for the world, and we should encourage bars that do this.


If you are into your health foods, then this may come as no surprise to you. For those who don’t know, kefir is a creamy fermented milk product that has been mixed with grains, a bit like yogurt. In cocktails it tastes just like milk, but tends to blend more pleasantly. It is also fabulous for the gut!

Italian spirits

If 2017 was the year of Gin, 2018 is set to see a rise in the popularity of Italian liquors such as Aperol, Amaro and Amaretto (having said that, don’t expect to see the Gin boom coming to an end any time soon either!) And keep an eye on the bartending scene in Italy too, since there are some promising up-and-coming names ready to take their space in the spotlight!

Vintage Bourbon

Perhaps inspired by the success of Gin, Bourbon is set to make waves this year. A new law has recently been passed in the US that allows private individuals to sell rare and expensive bourbons to retailers. Previously they would have had to go through a distributor. So expect to see more unusual and vintage brands popping up in your local bars.

Unusual ingredients

Bartenders love experimenting with new and unusual ingredients, and 2018 will be no different. Predictions of what you can hope to find in your cocktail this year include avocados, figs and arugula. Drinks are set to become more nourishing and satisfying with the addition of proper foods!

This is the reason we love the cocktail industry – it is always evolving and it is difficult to guess what will come next. As well as the above, remember to expect the unexpected! We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

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Bartender's top tip

Choose the perfect glass. The shape, size and design of a glass adds to the experience of the curated cocktail. Invest in a few key pieces of glassware, with a design that matches your style.

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