The World's Best Bars

8th January 2024

What makes a cocktail bar so great? The very best bars need to stand out amongst a very saturated crowd, so it is about more than serving well mixed drinks; there needs to be an atmosphere and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that allows it to claim to be one of the best.
British publishers William Reed have compiled their latest list of the very best bars in the world. Here we look at the credentials of the top five.

1.American Bar, London

The bar considered to be the very best in the world is situated in the Savoy Hotel. This bar has been at the forefront of drinks mixing for the past 125 years, with many a famous bartender creating new and exciting drinks here, but this is the first time it has ever made it to the top of the list. While classic cocktails from the well-regarded Savoy Cocktail Book are always on offer, the current menu is not short of innovations. Created by Erik Lorincz and Declan McGurk, the cocktail list is inspired by different places in the UK.

2.Dandelyan, London

Taking a trip to the Southbank area of London, this bar is located in the Mondrian Hotel is pretty special. Every drink has been created with its own fairy tale story, based on the ingredients and focusing on an exploration of flora. Great, unusual cocktails, with fantastic service and a lean towards sustainability were able to secure this bar a place on the list.

3.The Nomad, New York

The Big Apple has always been a big player in the cocktail world, but The Nomad is a relatively new bar that has quickly established itself as serious contender in the Best Bars list. Here, the cocktails are made to share, with huge cocktails intended for up to ten people. Of course, you can purchase a cocktail made for one if you prefer, but you must also try the food, all of which has been created by Daniel Humm from The World’s Best Restaurant.

4.Connaught Bar, London

How would you like a drink served by one of the most decorated bartenders in the world? At the Connaught Bar, Agostino Perrone has created a menu inspired by different destinations around the world. Or you could just ask for a Martini from the Martini trolley – sometimes you can’t beat a classic!

5.The Dead Rabbit, New York

This bar is run by a couple from Northern Ireland, which might account for the charming and relaxed pub-like atmosphere. Irish whiskey plays a huge role in many of the cocktails, while the food menu also pays homage to the owner’s background. Seems like nobody can resist the Northern Irish charm!

Bars in London and New York completely dominate the top end of the list, proving that these are the best places to enjoy a cocktail. Have you enjoyed a drink in any of these bars? Do you agree with the results?

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Personalise your favourite cocktails. As you enjoy your favourite cocktails why don't you experiment with evolving it slightly aligned to your favourite tastes. You might invent a new classic!

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