My Bar, My Favourites and More

8th January 2024

A few weeks back we posted an article on 'The Hidden Secrets of Make me a Cocktail', which showcased some of the cool, funk and quirky aspects on our site (try clicking on the search magnifying glass with nothing entered into the search box ....). We then thought it was about time we highlighted some of the core benefits that you gain when you register as a member on the site.
Although this may seem a 'call to arms', a 'sign up now please' call, a 'why not click on our register button' marketeers blog post - we understand that the not everyone needs all these features we're about to highlight - but we're some of our readers would gain something from bcecoming a member and don't quite yet realise. So here is our top 3 member features that you gain when you register!

1. Favourites

Everyone has their favourite cocktails, and trying to remember your own can become quite a chore when you start trying a whole host of different drinks. Well we wanted to make that job easier for you. After you register you can 'favourite' a cocktail and we keep it in your own little favourite list that you can load up anytime to see what your favourites are. Once registered the cocktail options menu (print, add to list etc) has an additional option of 'favourite', clciking that will add it to your favourite list.

You can load up all your favourite cocktails by logging in and going to the 'cocktails' sub section, or once registered just go to:

Which will take you to your favourites.

2. My bar

So you've got a host of spirits and mixers sitting at home and you're sure there is a great cocktail that can be mixed together if only you knew what you could make with what you have. Well sure - we've taken care of that with our 'My Bar' feature. But what happens when you want to see that list of possible cocktails again the week after (or even the next night you cocktail conniseur you)? Thats when registering comes into play. When registered we save your 'My bar' and as soon as you login we load it into the system for you and its ready to rock and roll.

No more re-adding spirits and mixers. Just register, create your own 'My Bar' and you're ready to go!

3. Lists

One of our core features on the site is the 'list' mechanism, that allows you to find lists of cocktails for certain occasions, or a list of cocktails that have some connection to each other. But who are we to say what lists we should  / shouldn't have on the site. Thats when registereing comes into its own - we allow you to create your own lists that you can access at anytime. Lists can be made private (so only you when you're logged in can see them), public (for all the world to see) or password protected (accesible only by password). That password protected list is a great way to share a list with only a select few individuals; just send them the link and the password.

On our site we've created a host of lists for certain occasions (Christmas, Superbowl, Easter), but our members have created lots of their own from cocktails they'll be having at a party, to cocktails the user wants to try some time. From a members favourite gin cocktails to their favourite looking ones. The options and occasions for cocktails are endless, and we love to see our members creating lists on our site.

So ......

With all that in mind, although we have a whole host of people popping onto the site to just find an individual cocktails recipe, if you need a little more, enjoy creating cocktails and sharing with friends, then why not register today and receive these great benefits and more!

Pardon the interruption

Did you know that you can become a member for free, taking your cocktail making skills up to level 11. You can save your My Bar ingredients, make tasting notes, have personalised Tried and Want to try lists and more.

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Bartender's top tip

The more you understand and appreciate different flavors and how they combine, the better your cocktails will be. Taste your ingredients individually and in combinations to understand how they complement or contrast with each other. This knowledge lets you adjust cocktails to your preference or even invent your own recipes confidently.

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