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8th January 2024

Cocktail bars are available in a variety of ambience and atmosphere, whether dark and decadent while listing to the piano or sleek and modern as you enjoying conversation and drinks with friends. However, some cocktail bars are famous for their stellar and unique interior design as well as their signature cocktail drinks.
Simply called "The Bar" located in Belfast, Ireland this cocktail lounge is in a superior league by itself. Established in the historic Merchant Hotel the amazing lounge provides classic five-star elegance while you enjoy some of the region's best jazz music. The first thing that catches your eye is the vaulted hand carved gold gilded ceilings. The silk walls provide a perfect accompaniment to the grand chandelier of Baccarat crystal; the rooms centerpiece. In addition, this stellar establishment offers a menu consisting of over 400 cocktails. The local favorite and most popular drink is The Bramble cocktail created by bartender Dick Bradsell in the mid 1980's. This award-winning lounge is also home to the most expensive cocktail ever purchased on the globe. A traditional Mai Tai sold for $1,300.00. The extremely rare blended rum used to mix the drink was the main money factor.

The Rooftop Bar located in La Purificadora Pueblo, Mexico draws cocktail crowds not only for its spectacular drinks, the walls are constructed entirely of glass. The other side of the clear walls are crystal blue lighted waters of an all-surrounding swimming pool. The effect is one of a kind and surreal as guests enjoy the establishment's signature Curacao Cocktail. This cocktail is rich in history and was originally created in 1896 by the prestigious Senior family of Curacao Island. Amazing rooftop vistas provide an aerial view of beautiful landscapes of Mexico making this a spectacular cocktail lounge experience.

A list of amazing cocktail bars would not be complete without a premiere establishment from New York City's Big Apple. On 19th Street, The Flatiron Cocktail Lounge provides visitors a trip back in time. This speak-easy located where its name derives; The Flatiron District is straight out of the exciting roaring twenties. Complete with era jazz music and antique 1920's decor, this magnificent masterpiece houses the original mahogany bar used by Frank Sinatra himself. The historical brick building dates back to 1900, which provides authentic ambience. The Flight Back In Time is a line of signature drinks created in 2003 by renowned cocktail stylist Julie Reiner. The most popular of the group is The Side Car, which is a cocktail in honor of the famous Rat Pack. This unique establishment enjoys a full house every night of the week and includes a menu of drinks from an era that created the cocktail.

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The more you understand and appreciate different flavors and how they combine, the better your cocktails will be. Taste your ingredients individually and in combinations to understand how they complement or contrast with each other. This knowledge lets you adjust cocktails to your preference or even invent your own recipes confidently.

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