5 Cocktails to Aid Your New Year’s Resolutions

January is traditionally the time of year when we make promises to ourselves to change our lives for the better. Some New Year’s resolutions are more popular than others! If you’ve chosen one of the most common goals, then we’ve got a cocktail to match it!

Swimming Pool

If you’ve chosen the most popular resolution, then you’ll be looking to improve your fitness. Why not hit the swimming pool and then celebrate afterwards with this drink? With vodka and rum at the base, this cocktail also includes pineapple juice, cream, coconut cream, and blue curacao to create a smooth, fruity drink that is similar to a pina colada. The perfect motivation to get your swim done.

Salad in a Glass

Lots of people resolve to eat healthier in the new year by upping their fruit and vegetable intake. A couple of these cocktails could be a fantastic boost to your five a day. Salad in a Glass is a tasty, fresh combination of vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup, ginger beer, ginger liqueur, soda, and basil leaves that is sure to make you feel healthier with every sip (although maybe not the next morning!)

Skinny Black Russian

If you are planning to lose weight in 2023, then you’ll be looking for a low-calorie option. The Skinny Black Russian is perfect for this resolution. You’ll get the satisfaction of the classic cocktail without all the guilt. This version is simply Kahlua and diet coke – it tastes delicious and is easy to make!


Spending more time with friends and family is high on the priority list for many at the beginning of the year. The Mumtini is ideal for evenings with your parents. This blend of Campari, gin, orange bitters, grapefruit juice, and sugar syrup is sure to make your mum want to spend even more time with you!

Money Shot

Are you trying to save money in the new year? The money shot is the drink for you! This mix of Jägermeister, grenadine, and peppermint schnapps will help you get drunk faster, so you’ll save money on your typical night out!

Of course, if your new year’s resolution is to give up alcohol, then a cocktail might not be the drink you want. A mocktail might be appropriate – we have lots of those on the Make Me a Cocktail website, so you could try a different one each week!

Think of your cocktail as your accountability partner. The better able you are to stick to your goals, the more cocktails you can enjoy!

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Hi, I am Suzanna. I would describe myself as a bit of a foodie with a side-interest in fancy cocktails. Anything sweet and alcoholic and I'm in! I am also an avid writer, proofreader and editor and work freelance through the website People per Hour.


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