The World’s Best Bartenders

The art of mixology can be a difficult science, but the very best bartenders in the world make it look easy. They mix up flavours and create new cocktail concoctions that other people would never have dreamed of putting together. Often emulated but never bettered, if you are looking for the perfect blends of spirits… read the full article…

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  • Game of Thrones Cocktails

    Ever wondered where mixologists – formally known as ‘bartenders’ – take their inspiration from? To where, or when, they look in wonder to get their muse’s juices flowing? In other words, how are cocktails born? In the old days they must have gotten their inspiration from nature, or from the scent of the woman they… read the full article…

  • Gin for the Win

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though gin is experiencing somewhat of a revival these days. The stereotypical notion of your nan sipping on a gin and tonic is but a distant memory as more and more gin cocktails are created and specialist bars dedicated to the bitter spirit are opening. It is… read the full article…

  • World Cities that have Inspired Cocktails

    Cocktails often take inspiration from a number of glamourous places, often to make them seem more glam themselves. In this article, we’ll be telling you all about the places that inspired cocktails to whet your appetite for a quick drink or two. Singapore Sling The first one on our list is the Singapore Sling, created… read the full article…

  • Cocktails Created from the History Books

    To get your name in the history books, you must have done something wondrous or terrible. To be remembered, you need to be considered a hero or a villain. But you only know that you have really made it when your name is given to a cocktail. A mixologist in Colchester, UK, has created a… read the full article…

  • The top ten things you need in your cocktail cabinet

    One of the best things about alcohol is that it has a very long use-by date. Spirits, in particular, can last months in your cocktail cabinet, so it makes sense to keep everything in stock so that you can make very basic cocktails without having to dash to the shops. Some of the more complicated… read the full article…

  • When Fantasy and Cocktails Collide

    I don’t mind admitting that I have read every single Harry Potter book. I have watched the films and even visited the Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Bros Studios in London. While we were there, we were able to sample the infamous Butterbeer, an incredibly sweet and sickly concoction that I was unable to… read the full article…

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