Where the A-List Like to Drink

Celebrity A-Listers might live a charmed life full of expensive things, adoring fans and access to everything their heart desires, but sometimes they like to pretend they are just like us. We’ve tracked down the favourite drinking haunts of some of the biggest names,  in showbiz and we are sure some of the places will… read the full article…

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  • History of the Sazerac Cocktail

    An intoxicating combination of absinthe, whiskey and bitters, with a teaspoon of sugar for good measure, the Sazerac is not a cocktail that should be gulped down quickly. The high alcohol content demands that you sip it slowly, savouring every last drop – drink too fast and you might not make it to your second!… read the full article…

  • Mix Up Your Vodka Cocktails

    October 4th is National Vodka Day and to mark the occasion we have put together a list of some of the more unusual vodka cocktails available so that you can broaden your drinking horizons. Life isn’t all martinis and bloody marys you know! Hulk Smash There are a number of cocktails going by this name,… read the full article…

  • Cocktail Masterclasses for Amateur Mixologists in the UK

    Whether you have never created a cocktail in your life, or you have already previously dabbled in a little mixology, you might like the idea of expanding your bartending knowledge and learning a few skills to impress visitors to your home. The UK, particularly London, has long been the destination of those who take their… read the full article…

  • The History of the Vesper Cocktail

    This classic cocktail was not created by some superstar mixologist in a high-class bar, or adapted from some ancient naval recipe. In fact, the Vesper Martini is so intrinsically linked with Ian Fleming’s spy series that it is often referred to as Bond’s Vesper. The secret agent is thought to be the first person to… read the full article…

  • How Do You Serve Yours?

    It seems as though serving a cocktail in a standard cocktail glass may be a thing of the past, as more bars hop aboard the unusual glassware trend and offer their drinks up in a manner in different vessels. So how quirky is too quirky? Take a look at these and decide for yourself! The… read the full article…

  • Top Ten Spirit Books You Need In Your Life

    Any good mixologist should have a bookshelf full of reference material and we think these ten books are perfect to inspire your at-home cocktail recipes. 1. Michelle Brachet: The World of Cognac Written by an award-winning cognac expert, The World of Cognac does exactly what the name suggests, giving you the background information you need… read the full article…

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