Cocktails to Use Up Your Blackberries!

August is the best month for amateur foragers! Almost everyone can distinguish those ripe, bubbly blackberries and they are so easy to find with a walk along almost any hedgerow in the UK. While you might be tempted to eat them straight from the bush, they also make for some very tasty cocktails. Take a… read the full article…

The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Kent

A slightly less exotic location for our drinking travels this month, but with the whole global pandemic making it difficult to explore further climes, staying close to home seems more important. In the spirit of encouraging cocktail connoisseurs to shop local and support smaller businesses, we will show you the very best places to get… read the full article…

3 Ways To Revamp Your Bar For A Grand Reopening

Bar owners are some of the hardest hit financially by COVID-19. Social distancing measures have made it impossible to operate a bar. Successful bars are crowded and chaotic and, unfortunately, those are also the perfect conditions for COVID to spread. If you run a bar, chances are that you have had to operate minimally if… read the full article…

History of the Negroni

One of the most underrated classic cocktails, the simple Negroni is a potent combination of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. With only the slow melt of the ice to water it down, this is a tipple best savoured slowly, in order to ensure you can enjoy more than one! So, how did this blend of… read the full article…

Cocktails for the Pub Garden

The Covid-19 pandemic has truly dragged on, but now that pubs with gardens are being allowed to reopen with social distancing measures in place, we can finally enjoy a companionable cocktail. Its been so long since anyone has stepped foot inside a public house that you might have forgotten what liquid delicacies are on offer!… read the full article…

The Best Tik Tok Accounts for Cocktail Enthusiasts

Ever since that Tik Tok video in which user arf400 shows the world how to use the Make Me a Cocktail website, crashing our site in the process, we have been a little bit more interested in what the app has to offer. Turns out, it is about more than silly dance routines and funny… read the full article…

History of the B52

A well-made B52 shot is certainly a work of art. Made up of a beautifully layered mix of Baileys’, triple sec and coffee liqueur, this is a shot that takes patience and precision in order to achieve perfection. It might seem like quite a modern style of shot, particularly when considering the ingredients used, but… read the full article…

Cycling for Cocktails

The Tour de France may have been postponed, with even the rescheduled date looking to be under threat as the saga of the global pandemic carries on, but that has not stopped the English public from taking to the roads in their droves. With cycling listed as an acceptable outdoor activity for those looking for… read the full article…

How to Pick a Cocktail Glass

Since the bars have been closed for some time now, we have all had to become amateur mixologists, creating wonderful cocktail concoctions in the safety of our own kitchen. You might have all the ingredients, tools and freezers full of ice, but have you got the right glasses. Some may argue that their cocktail will… read the full article…

The History of the Pina Colada

“If you like Pina Colada, and getting caught in the rain.” This classic cocktail has a reputation that proceeds itself, synonymous with beach holidays, tacky tourist resorts and that cheesy song! It might not be considered the most elegant of cocktails, but when the sun is shining and the music is on, it is certainly… read the full article…

Cocktails for Bank Holiday Celebrations

Whether you live in a country that is currently practising self-isolation or social distancing thanks to the current global pandemic, or you have big bank holiday plans with your friends, you are sure to want to partake in a few cocktails. Celebrate the long weekends at home if necessary, but make sure to grab a… read the full article…

The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Paris

Ah, the city of love, Paris has a special place in our hearts. We may not be able to visit it right now, thanks to the current travel restrictions, but when you do get a chance, it is the city to be in! The ideal destination for a romantic getaway, once you have finished scaling… read the full article…

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cocktail Shaker

You have most likely heard of a cocktail shaker, but might probably not pay much attention because the only trusted cocktail shaker you know are your hands. Most people love making their cocktail with their hands because of the thrill of making a drink from scratch. There is nothing wrong with stirring a drink by… read the full article…

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