Cocktails in the Air

If you’re planning a getaway sometime soon, you might want to reconsider the airline you’re flying with. Forget searching the internet for the cheapest flights and don’t worry too much about choosing an airline that allows you an extra 5kg luggage allowance. We all know the best airlines are the ones with the longest cocktail… read the full article…

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  • History of the classic cocktail
    The History of the Caipirinha

    Made with cachaça, the sweeter, more refined cousin of dark rum, the Caipirinha (Kai-Pur-reen-Ya) has earned its place as the national cocktail of Brazil. Light, cold and incredibly refreshing, it is no wonder it is so popular in the sweltering hot country, but where did the surprisingly simple, yet effective, cocktail come from? The Medicinal… read the full article…

  • Feeling the February Love
    Feeling the February Love

    What could warm you up in the coldest month of the year better than the cozy feeling of being in love? With Valentines Day right around the corner, we thought it was only right that we celebrate the most romantic cocktails – and if you are single and ready to mingle, these pretty beverages are… read the full article…

  • The real reason for Blue Monday!
    Blue Monday Cocktails

    They say the third Monday of January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Monday’s are not the best day of the week anyway, but this one falls on a day when the joy of Christmas and New Year is well and truly over. The boxing day sales are a distant… read the full article…

  • The History of the Long Island Ice Tea
    The History of the Long Island Ice Tea

    Not every bartender is comfortable with serving up this classic cocktail. A potent blend of spirits topped with cola, it is not afforded the same respect as many of the other classics. Perhaps this is because of its extremely high alcohol content making it a favourite amongst the student community attempting to get as drunk… read the full article…

  • Crickets with your cocktails?
    What Will You Be Drinking in 2019?

    The new year is the perfect time to take a new perspective on your drinking habits. Traditionally, January is a time of detox after the excess of December – where you take a moment to allow your bank account, liver and digestive system. So why don’t we spend this time of rest and restoration to… read the full article…

  • Cocktail bars of 2018
    The New Cocktail Bars That Made 2018 Great!

    As much as we love a cocktail bar that has been tried and tested – proving itself as the place to be for cocktail lovers far and wide, there is something exciting about the opening of a brand-new establishment. Shiny new glasses, aspirational new bartenders and dreams of irresistible new drinks are certainly a draw… read the full article…

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