The Most Influential Cocktail Instagrammers of 2018

If you’ve browsed the Make Me a Cocktail site from top to bottom and still have not had your fill of cocktail inspiration, head to Instagram, where the very best bartenders in the industry delight in showing off their latest ideas. Chad Coombs (@coqtale) A quick glance a Chad’s page and you will be overwhelmed… read the full article…

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  • Make Me A Sangria Cocktail
    The Story of the Sangria

    No other drink gives us summer holiday vibes quite like the Sangria. Images of tropical paradises on the beach, under a palm tree, are only completed with a glass of the red cocktail in hand. Few other pleasures in life come close to enjoying this spiced concoction while sitting by the sea, so what’s the… read the full article…

  • Our World Cup of Cocktails

    Football fanatic or World Cup widow/er? Either way you’ll need a cocktail or two to celebrate or commiserate while World Cup fever reins through June and July 2018. Our list of World Cup cocktails naturally takes its lead from the partaking nations and some of the world’s best known cocktails. There are mocktails too in… read the full article…

  • Cocktail Trends 2018

    It is with great excitement that we present to you some of the key cocktail trends of 2018, along with some core cocktail information in our ‘2018 Cocktail Trends & Trivia’ infographic.

  • Alcoholic Popsicles
    Enjoy A Poptail This Summer!

    When sitting out in the glorious sunshine, there is nothing better than an ice-cold beverage to keep you cool! Here we introduce you to the most chilled cocktails around – known as poptails or boozeicles, they are the perfect blend of ice lolly and alcohol. Ridiculously easy to create – simply pour your ingredients into… read the full article…

  • A Short History of the Crack Baby Cocktail

    The Crack Baby cocktail might not have been around long enough to be labelled a classic just yet, but it is a drink favoured by new mum-of-three Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and it comes with quite a scandalous history, short as it is! Extravagant Beginnings Born at the Boujis bar in Kensington, a favourite haunt… read the full article…

  • Thirty Years of Cocktail!

    It was an iconic picture that turned everyone into wannabe bartenders and gained Tom Cruise a new legion of adoring fans. A story of how love conquers over fame and fortune, Cocktail has become one of the classics; a must-see-before-you-die film, despite being panned by critics on its release. Despite the film focusing more on… read the full article…

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