The History of the Tequila Sunrise

It is very rare to find the Tequila Sunrise on the cocktail menu of any self-respecting classy establishment these days, since it has gained a rather tacky reputation, with most proud mixologists avoiding putting it on their menu. But we think this is an unfair assumption of a drink that can actually be quite tasty… read the full article…

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    Cocktails in the Pool

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    What’s Hot and What’s Not: The Tatler Guide to Drinking in 2018

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    Making Wine More Wonderful

    For many, Easter is a time of indulgence after a long period of fasting. If you took part in the religious practice of Lent, then you may well have enjoyed the past weekend by scoffing chocolates and drinking delicious cocktails. The perfect antidote to the sugary sweet flavour of countless Easter eggs is the bitter,… read the full article…

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    Bartenders of the Future?

    There are some truly superb mixologists in the world and they have bought has some irresistible cocktail combinations that us mere mortals might never have been able to create ourselves. But how replaceable are they really? Could robots soon be serving us our Martinis and Mojitos? Of course, the idea of a robot bartender is… read the full article…

  • Gimlet cocktail
    The History of the Gimlet

    The Gimlet has one of the more interesting stories concerning its creation, although it is now enjoyed for pleasure rather than ‘necessity’! Concocted by a doctor, rather than a mixologist, the drink was made as a way to administer medicine to British Navy Officers back in the 19th century. All Aboard for the Gimlet At… read the full article…

  • Gravy boat for cocktails
    Fancy Some Gin on Your Roast Dinner?

    Making a gravy that is good enough to drink is no mean feat, but if you manage it, then you are sure to be hailed king or queen of the kitchen! In America, KFC think they have mastered the perfect stock, so much so that they are now creating alcoholic cocktails made of the stuff!… read the full article…

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