When Fantasy and Cocktails Collide

I don’t mind admitting that I have read every single Harry Potter book. I have watched the films and even visited the Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Bros Studios in London. While we were there, we were able to sample the infamous Butterbeer, an incredibly sweet and sickly concoction that I was unable to… read the full article…

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    Cocktail Prices to Trump Them All

    Donald Trump. Who in the world hasn’t heard that name lately? Whether you love him or loathe him, the man who is about to take charge of the United States is no doubt a savvy businessman. So, it comes as no surprise to hear that the cocktail prices at Trump Hotel have risen in response… read the full article…

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    The World’s Best Secret Bars

    It is highly unlikely that you would have heard of the Whisper Bar – a quiet, unassuming bar hidden on the eighth floor of a mansion in China, that opened with as little fuss as possible in November. With room for no more than 21 people, this may sound like a sleepy, uneventful place to… read the full article…

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    The Story of the Seelbach

    All the best cocktails have a long and fascinating history behind them, and the Seelbach cocktail is no exception. A delicious combination of bourbon, Cointreau, Champagne, Angostura bitters and Peychaud’s bitters, this beverage has been traced back to the age of Prohibition, when it was the signature drink of the Seelbach Hotel. Or so we… read the full article…

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    Cooking With Spirits

    Most of us are familiar with cooking with wine, whether we are making a delicious red wine sauce to complement our beef, or a white wine sauce to go with chicken, the acidic taste is distinctive and moreish. Beer, specifically ale, is another alcoholic drink that is often used in stews and pies to great… read the full article…

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    End of Summer Party Drinks

    September may be here to mark the beginning of Autumn, but the Summer sun hasn’t given up on us just yet. We think that you should make the most of every last balmy afternoon and enjoy a few cocktails in your garden. Fire up the barbecue, set up the deckchairs, and invite a few friends… read the full article…

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    Egg-cellent Cocktail Trends

    Trends in the bartending industry tend to move just as quickly as those in the fashion world. And while we see weird and wacky ideas pop up from time to time, the classics, such as Mojitos and Cosmopolitans, have a longevity that has ensured their popularity for many years. But the latest trend sits half… read the full article…

Tech Updates

  • 7th February 2017
    • Removed link on users profile to a list if its private / protected. It wouldn’t work anyway and returned a 404, but now doesn’t show the list at all.
  • 3rd February 2017
    • For members, you now have a unique MyBar URL you can send to friends and family, to see all the cocktails you can make. This is a great feature if you want to send someone all the cocktails they can have at your house / bar later on.
    • To use it, simply go to your Account section, then go to the MyBar tab. Under that section they’ll be a ‘Public URL’ box, with the results link. We love this feature!!
  • 8th December 2016
    • Added will-change property to some fixed elements to improve scrolling fps and increase performance.
    • Altered the top search width on mobile to help with user interaction
    • Changed a lot of account views on mobile and desktop to make it cleaner and more inutuitive
    • Made the account overview auto hide on mobile on load
  • 16th November 2016

    A whole host of changes, a lot to do with responsive work, but also some other layout issues / bugs:

    • Lightbox sometimes overflows horizontally on screen. Fixed.
    • Cocktails always fit 2 per row on small devices (was sometimes only fitting 1)
    • Menu has been altered slightly
    • Blog page on mobile devices, removed ‘Recent posts’ heading, and fixed spacing issues
    • New placeholder image for loading images
    • For touch devices, show a tick icon on My Bar page when ingredient is in the bar
    • Search page, search button is now more pronounced, and a new icon
    • For small devices, voting should fit all on one line now. For large vote numbers sometimes spilled over
    • Microbadge text ‘expand’ changes to ‘collapse’ when open
    • Getting started widget background image now doesn’t repeat and fills box properly
    • Favourite list tabs, now don’t show incomplete lists
    • Much better spacing for ‘Make a cocktail with’ on home page over various devices
    • Activity avatars now align properly
    • Results page has been tweaked, including moving results text to top on mobile, removed excess space, filters have been tweaked for small devices, top tab choice sizing amended for small devices, number found was showing twice (now once) and more
    • On cocktail overview, when it lists the number of ingredients added a green circle icon to help denote it is clickable / hoverable
    • Changed paging size for smaller devices
    • When most popular list for this week / month has no info, show message rather than no data
    • Footer on mobile devices is now centrally aligned, and line heights / margins have been tweaked for smaller devices
    • Textual consistencies over the site
    • Single list has been heavily tweaked, including showing 2 cocktails per row over all screen sizes, spacing tweaks, voting icons were sometimes off (now fixed), ‘you can make x cocktails’ now fits in over all devices
    • Text changes for some static text for some devices to help with textual flow
    • Search bar for mobile higher z-index to cope with some select box issues, also altered padding, position, and added a slight background opacity to surrounding area to bring into focus
    • On the search page and list page, some of the switched were going over two lines on some devices. Fixed
    • And a host of other small incremental changes to help with the site on mobile, tablet, desktop and beyond.
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