Cocktail Trends for the Coming Year

With just over a week left in the first month of 2018, it is fair to say we have mostly settled into the year by now. New Year seems like so long ago, and Christmas is nothing but a distant memory. So, we must look forward, and take this year by the horns! With that… read the full article…

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  • The History of the Shirley Temple

    In a bid to encourage those that have so far managed to complete two weeks of Dry January, we are taking a look back at the classic mocktail inspired by a child movie star. The Shirley Temple was made for the actress of the same name on her tenth birthday. The Story Famed for her… read the full article…

  • Mocktails to See You Through Dry January

    Welcome to 2018, and with it, a whole host of challenges intended to start your new year feeling healthier! Are you participating in Veganauary? Maybe you would rather do a Run a Day for January? Or maybe, you are one of those taking part in Dry January (the horror!) But Dry January doesn’t mean you… read the full article…

  • The Best Bartenders of 2017

    What a year we have had in the cocktail world. As always, we have seen new beverage mixes and presentations, impressing cocktail lovers and competition judges all over the world. This year we have also seen a return to stripped-back classics, with all the frills and flair removed. The trend has been to enjoy a… read the full article…

  • New ways to Enjoy Mulled Wine

    Nothing signals the onset of Christmas more than that crisp, sweet smell of mulled wine. It catches you as you wander through Christmas markets and is perfect for warming your insides on a cold winter day. But there is more than one way to make a delicious, hearty drink that everyone will enjoy. Take a… read the full article…

  • Christmas-Themed Bars to Bring You Yuletide Joy

    On December 5th, a special Home Alone-themed bar will open its doors to the public in Liverpool, UK. This exciting new establishment has been selling tickets to the evening events, in which guests will be treated to live music, crazy golf and a graffiti-decorated bar. The whole pop-up will be dripping with Christmas decorations, including… read the full article…

  • The History of the Martini

    All the best cocktails have back stories that are romantic, unusual and a little bit unlikely – sometimes the story is even more entertaining than the drink! But the cocktails that make it to ‘classic’ status usually have more than one story, so that you are never really sure where the drink was first made…. read the full article…

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