The History of the Zombie Cocktail

With Halloween fast approaching, this classic cocktail seems like an obvious choice for any spooky shenanigans you may be planning! A somewhat complicated blend of various different ingredients, including white rum, dark rum, gold rum, apricot brandy, lime juice, pineapple juice, papaya juice and grenadine, the hangover after one-too-many of these is almost certain to… read the full article…

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  • The Cocktails of Life

    Cocktails are an integral part of any celebrations that revolve around the good things of life. Whether alcoholic or not, cocktails add a different kind of flavour to the mood we are in, enhancing it to a new high. Whether it is the fusion of ingredients, the final colour, or its taste, cocktails tend to… read the full article…

  • Weird and Wonderful Cocktails from London

    With London Cocktail Week in full swing, the City is full of cocktail connoisseurs enjoying the finest new beverages crafted by the very best of the capital’s bartenders. At the same time, they can partake in cocktail masterclasses, chow down on delicious street food and party the night away to a host of DJs. Since… read the full article…

  • UFC signs up Nemiroff and gets its first-ever official Vodka partner

    UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which is considered the biggest promoter in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) industry, recently signed its first ever partnership with a vodka brand when it signed up Nemiroff, the well-known vodka brand from Ukraine, as its official Vodka partner. As a multi-year partnership, this association will create a completely new sponsorship… read the full article…

  • The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Tokyo

    With the Rugby World Cup due to kick off in Japan later this week, it seems only fitting that our next cocktail drinking destination is Tokyo, the capital city famous for very tall buildings and really tiny electronics. While Japan might not seem like a typical place to sip on a mixed beverage, it is… read the full article…

  • The History of the Salty Dog

    A classic cocktail that has become somewhat underappreciated in recent times, the Salty Dog is the perfect cocktail to enjoy while making the most of every last bit of summer sunshine. Incredibly easy to make and super satisfying on a hot day, the ice-cold Salty Dog is well overdue a revival. So, where did this… read the full article…

  • Cocktails for the Proms

    The BBC Proms is drawing to a close in London and we can’t get enough of the classical tunes and arty vibes. Of course, we have been enjoying every minute with a cocktail in hand, ensuring that each beverage perfectly matches with our musical mood. Here are some of the very best cocktails to enjoy… read the full article…

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